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The Relationship Between A Parent And Their Child

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In Khaled Hosseini’s novel “The Kite Runner”, he illustrates how he develops the characters through their words and actions. Being the main character, Amir is faced with the challenge of gaining his father’s affection/approval because he is Baba’s son. However, how Amir obtains his father’s affection/approval was through immoral ways. Baba on the other hand, had trouble showing his fatherly affection to Amir which causes bitterness within their father/son relationship. In this novel, we will explore how the relationship between a parent and a child is shown through their yearning of affection and how it can affect how one would be in the future.

Baba is the most important person to Amir because he is Amir’s role model and world. How Baba express his feelings of being a parent is shown through his interactions and speeches with Amir. In Baba’s eyes, he finds it hard to believe that Amir is his son because “if I hadn’t seen the doctor pull him … never believe he’s my son” (23). Amir cannot defend himself and is often in the position of receiving assistance from Hassan. Growing up, Baba never had to rely on someone else when he got pushed around from the neighborhood kids. He always showed them up, but with Amir, he can’t even defend himself without Hassan’s help. Baba’s disappoint towards Amir not being able to defend himself furthers their already distant relationship. While creating his name, Baba had married a highly educated woman who was regarded as one of Kabul’s most respected, beautiful and virtuous lady. For Baba, it was fine to be married to a poet, “but fathering a son who preferred burying his face in poetry books to hunting … well, that wasn’t how [he] had envisioned it,” (19-20). Baba doesn’t approve of Amir reading and always being buried by books and literature. He wanted Amir to be like him; to be strong and powerful. Being a person of high status, Baba cannot give his approval to Amir so easily because he feels that Amir needs to gain it. When Amir wins the annual kite tournament, he looks for Baba’s approval. Coming home with the winning kite that Hassan had run for him, Baba tells Amir “‘I am moftakhir’… Proud” (69). Baba is proud of Amir because he can finally say that his son is worthy of his title and to be able to show him off to the community. The relationship between a father and a son is vital because as young boys, they often look to their father as a figure who’ll help them along the way and to teach them all the things on becoming a good man in the future.

Growing up, Amir has always had to compete for Baba’s attention whether it was against the orphanage Baba built or Hassan, his loyal Hazara servant. During a trip to Ghargha Lake, Hassan and Amir were skipping stones. While Amir had managed five skips, Hassan managed eight and “Baba was there, watching, and he patted Hassan on the back. Even put his arm around his shoulder” (14). Although Amir is Baba’s son, Baba seems to like Hassan more because he sees himself...

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