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The Relationship Between Congress And The President In Policymaking From Mid 19th Century To Present Day

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The backbone of American politics is derived from the concept of democracy, where the people govern themselves, understanding this concept is vital to the policy making process. The president and congress should have equal jurisdiction in policymaking, Constitutional checks and balances were created by the founders to keep one branch from gaining unequal power over the other. Under very specific circumstances, such as , powers of each branch may be altered. The constitution can be interpreted in many ways and each interpretation has sparked debate over whether the president or congress has more influence over policy making.
War Powers:

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As I understand it, once congress has declared war, it is the president ‘s responsibility as the commander –in chief to supervise said war. When the Obama administration sought congressional authorization for military action against Syria, and instead found themselves in a debate about the constitutional need for congressional approval and if the president is abusing his powers.
The War Powers Resolution, implemented by Congress in 1973, sought to precisely outline the extent of president’s authority to conduct military operations without congressional approval. The resolution has three basic requirements: that entrance into hostilities or foreign territory anticipating combat is reported to Congress within 48 hours; that a joint resolution of Congress is issued within a 60-day period; and if this was not achieved, troops are withdrawn within 30-days.
Pres. Richard Nixon tried to veto the resolution because it would “handcuff every future president,” and infringe on “America’s role as a protector of peace.” Since the resolution presidents have...

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