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The Relationship Between Divorce And Adolescence

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Running Head: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DIVORCEThe Relationship Between Divorce and AdolescenceAllen A. ArmasCSU StanislausCDEV-3240 Human Development II: AdolescenceDr. Victoria Cortez7 December 2007The Relationship Between Divorce and AdolescenceSection I: BackgroundThrough the arduous process of growing up, adolescence brings trying times for many individuals. As if pimples and general awkwardness is not enough, divorce can wreak havoc for years to come and not just after the fact but before also. With an ever-increasing difficulty of trying to aim adolescents down the right it is important to understand the implications of our actions as adults and take action to flank the backlash. Over the past few decades, divorce rates have increased in the United States and since the 1960s and 1970s. Then in 1992 statistics showed that half of all marriages would end in separation or divorce if the trend continued (Storksen 2006).In the past, divorce was not as popular as now and despite a very social-familial impact, past studies sometimes overlooked the adolescent. Today, more adolescents are living in families that are different from the past (Santrock 2007). Now more than ever, adolescents can have step and (or) half brothers and sisters, "and, by age 18, approximately one-forth of all American children will have lived a portion of their lives in a step family" (Santrock). Also, a greater percentage of mothers are out in the work force due to increased education and decreased sexist barriers. This sometimes adds to familial stress when parental communication is poor and fathers are unable to adjust accordingly.Whether it's work, kids, school, or just life, parents sometimes inadvertently deny themselves circumstances that are conducive to a simple conversation. Time is a commodity, which has been allocated for doing things that facilitate paying of bills (which is a very general statement but nevertheless true). The decades from the seventies and prior, were frugal times when families actually sat down together and told stories of how each other's day went while having dinner at the table. Our, sometimes shallow, lives are so overburdened with MySpace and Ebay, among other things, that they are leading to a breakdown of communication within the family. The family unit is very dynamic, fluid and sometimes volatile. Every individual from mom, dad, the kids, down to the Spot the family dog are all connected. An occurrence or change with one individual, changes some other point in the unit. For example, if dad gets mad and kicks the dog for tearing up the newspaper and the kids see it, they get upset and tell mom. She then gets upset. Now dad is in trouble. Spot's little lack of control started a turn of events that caused turmoil within the family. If there were unresolved issues between the parents, this incident may have been the fatal blow that would lead to a possible divorce.Much literature and many studies have been...

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