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The Relationship Between Education And Health

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A study of Education and Health is particularly interesting because these two are fundamental components of human capital. In the contemporary U.S., holding a college degree is associated with a range of health-related benefits, basically because the college educated people maintain healthier lifestyles, have fewer functional limitations, lower probability of being disabled and suffering from chronic diseases (Bauldry, 2014). Furthermore according to the study by Mirowsky and Ross (2003) college educated people have lower rates of mortality. In such context and for many years the link between education and health has sparked great interest and has become subject of scrutiny for the ...view middle of the document...

Compared to the poorly educated, well educated respondents are less likely to be unemployed, are more likely to work full-time, to have fulfilling, subjectively rewarding jobs, high incomes, and low economic hardship. Full-time work, fulfilling work, high income, and low economic hardship in turn significantly improve health.
Social-psychological re The well educated report a greater sense of control over their lives and their health, and they have higher levels of social support. The sense of control and to lesser and to a lesser extent support, are associated with good health.
Health lifestyle The well educated are less likely to smoke, are more likely to exercise, to get health check-ups, are associated with good health.
In some aspects the categories provided by Ross and Wu (1995) overlap with those by Grossman (1972) who distinguishes between productive efficiency of education ( better educated people are more efficient in the use of health care services and, therefore can obtain more health capital) and allocative efficiency of education ( education discourages individuals from maintaining unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking).
Chandola, Morris and Blane (2006) analyze the pathways between education and health. The approach that these authors adopt is somewhat different than most of the studies on the topic because Chandola et al. (2006) do not study the "direct" association between educational qualifications and adult health but various indirect pathways between education and health.
By integrating prior findings (Blane (2003) and Feinstein (2002)) Chandola et al. (2006) distinguish the following six pathways cognitive ability, childhood socio-economic circumstances, childhood and adolescent health,...

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