The Relationship Between Effective Learning And Career Development Programs And Employee Retention In Organizations

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Table of Content ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1
1) Introduction and literary review --------------------------------------------------------------- 3
1.1) Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3
1.2) Review of literature --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
1.3) Summary of literature review --------------------------------------------------------------- 4
2) The research proposal -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
2.1) Aim of the research work -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
2.1.1) the research objectives --------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
2.1.2) the research hypothesis -------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
2.2) the research design --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
2.2.1) the sampling method ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
2.3) questionnaire summary ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
3) Secondary research ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6
3.1) Purpose of secondary research -------------------------------------------------------------- 6
3.2) Best practices in learning development ---------------------------------------------------- 6
3.2.1) Rating scale for evaluation ---------------------------------------------------------------- 6
3.3) Learning and development at HDFC Bank ----------------------------------------------- 7
3.4) Learning and development at INFOSYS (IT) --------------------------------------------- 8
3.5) Patterns found in the two organization ----------------------------------------------------- 9
4) Result --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
4.1) Respondents profile analysis ---------------------------------------------------------------- 9
4.2) The research hypothesis -------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
4.3.1) Correlation analysis --------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
4.3.2) Correlation (HDFC) --------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
4.3.3) Correlation (INFOSYS) ------------------------------------------------------------------11
4.3.4) Factor Analysis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------11
5) Interpretation of result and conclusion ----------------------------------------------------- 11
5.1) The correlation analysis ---------------------------------------------------------------------12
5.2) Factor analysis --------------------------------------------------------------------------------12
6) Conclusion...

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