The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Transactional Leadership In The Organization

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Emotional Intelligence and Transactional Leadership Move in One Way.
Emotional intelligence (EI) plays an important role in every worker in organization or corporation, especially someone with the authority or power inside the organization. A leader has to become a source of inspiration and catalyst for the employee to improve their working condition. One true leader has the ability to read what people want even though it never being told (Meghan, 2014). This will allow the employee to build a good connection and relationship between the leaders, thus improve how the organization being conducted. Some people may denied that emotional intelligence did affect ones’ performance, but big ...view middle of the document...

One major misconception is emotional intelligence is naturally born. Emotional intelligence is something that can be learned along the journey in your life. It is not something that easily can be learned with one-hour course, it took more than that to harness the degree of emotional intelligence. As a leader of an organization, emotional intelligence is something that need to be cultivate and develop as it is a hard-edge business skills that play important role when making decision in business world (Wilsh, 2013).Chadha (2013) stated that from his experience, emotional intelligence can be learned through team-based learning, practice and accountability with many people from different background and history. Interaction with people eventually will develop the emotional intelligence within one self like self-management and social-awareness. As the term practice make perfect, dealing with different kind of people help leaders to enhance their emotional level and give the best way to coop with this people. According to Gutzler (2013), a man can become a leader of impact and influence if they have all the skill that revolve around emotional intelligence. Based on this statement, the more skills a leader hones around emotional intelligence, the more influential the leader become.

Firstly, emotion intelligence plays a big role in the personality of someone. It has ability to identify, assesses, and controls the emotions of one, of others, and of groups. While transactional leadership can be referred as known as managerial leadership, focuses on the role of supervision, organization and group performance. It also involved under intelligence skills where we need to learn about management and organization skill. However, if only one of stated skills being used, it can create unbalance interpersonal skill and much affect to other people who thought a leader should be a person who able to lead and understand with other feelings. So, in this paper was also included that a good leader should bring their emotion and leadership skill in one way. Thus it will bring the organization to the higher place and gains people trust and unity.

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