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The Relationship Between Ethics And Effective Leadership In The Current Business Environment?

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A team is only as good as its leader. Being an effective leader and having an effective leader is very important for an organization. It is important in order for an organization to maintain a good reputation and in order for it to be successful. Being a good ethical leader who sets a good example for the employees is also an effective leader. If a leader leads by a good example he or she will obtain/gain employees trust which is very important, because it’s the employees who help an organization stay in business.
Leaders lead people, and leaders should always do the right things. Most employees tend to look for ethical guidance from others, and a leader within a workplace should ...view middle of the document...

) he or she is most likely being ethical, because the leader is following the goals and standards set by the organization to achieve. As stated earlier, by being an ethical leader you gain trust, not only employees but also customers. If a company acts in a good and ethical way their reputation is most likely good. An organization with a good reputation can anticipated to acquire more business, due to their honesty and integrity. Honesty is key, and honesty leads to trust. People like the fact that a company can be trusted, or that a certain brand can be trusted. According to Ciulla (2003) Johnson & Johnson increased sales of Tylenol after they decided to pull Tylenol bottles off their shelves after someone poisoned some of them. The leaders at Johnson & Johnson were effective because they were ethical. All companies have or at least should have an ethical code of conduct.
However it is so easy to end on the wrong path and turn to unethical conducts. There are many examples of leaders being very effective, however behind the scene they aren’t as effective as they public sees them. There is the Enron scandal where everyone thought they were being effective, when they actually were unethical which lead to the company to go bankrupt. One of the most current scandal is the General Motors (GM) 2.6 million car recall crisis which has led to deaths due to ignition key problems. GM knew about the problem for a decade, but kept quiet due to the $1 cost per car. (Lienert & Thompson, 2014) This is an example of effective leadership with unethical behavior.
There are most likely some people who think of people as good effective leaders, even though...

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