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The Relationship Between Father And Son

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The relationship between a father and a son prepares a boy for adulthood. Khaled Hosseini uses the complex and emotional bond between fathers and sons in The Kite Runner to show the need of a compassionate fatherly figure in a child’s life. He proves the way Baba. Hassan, and Amir act as fathers and form relationships throughout the novel. The father-son relationship between Amir and Sohrab reflect a combination of the contrasting parenting styles between Baba and Hassan.
Family plays a significant role in a child’s life (Childers 4). As The Kite Runner begins, Amir has nothing but his father to call his family; therefore, it is up to Baba to develop his son into the person he wants ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately, Baba is responsible for Amir’s actions and the guilt he experiences for the rest of his life.
The relationship between Hassan and Sohrab demonstrates the necessity for a compassionate father by highlighting the flaws in Baba and Amir’s relationship. Their relationship directly contrasts Baba and Amir’s because Hassan takes the time to really understand his son, Sohrab. “Hassan would prop Sohrab on his shoulders and they would go trotting through the streets, running kites, climbing trees where kites had dropped” (Hosseini 213). Even with the tragedy of Sohrab’s mother dying and the Taliban killing off the Hazaras in Kabul, Hassan never stopped being Sohrab’s loving father. The attention Sohrab received from his father helped him become a better person, and to learn right from wrong. On the other hand, the lack of attention Amir received from Baba caused him to make decisions that will afflict him for the rest of his life.
In the relationship between Amir and Sohrab, Amir alternates between Hassan’s and his own father’s parenting styles. Sohrab’s childhood became a wreck when his parents were killed by the Taliban. He looked at orphanages as a bad place because he was taken by Assef and abused. “You mean an orphanage?’ It would only be for a little while.’ ‘No,’ he said. ‘No please.’… ‘You promised you’d never put me in one of those places, Amir Agha’… [Sohrab’s] voice was breaking, tears pooling in his eyes” (Hosseini 358). Because of technicalities, Amir informed Sohrab that he might have to go back to an orphanage. Amir ignores Sohrab’s fearful reaction about going back to an orphanage and begins adopting Baba’s parenting style. Amir reassures his decision by what he heard his father once say, “I waited, rocked him until his breathing slowed and his body slackened. I remember something… That’s how children deal with terror. They fall asleep” (Hosseini 359). Because he neglects Sohrab and his interests, Amir ends up waking up the next morning witnessing Sohrab’s suicide attempt. Sohrab was opening up to Amir when he treated him the same way Hassan had, but as soon as Amir neglected him, like Baba did to him, terrible things happened.
Amir reverting back to his father’s parenting style does not mean he is a terrible father. Even...

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