The Relationship Between Height And Weight Of Boys And Girls

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The Relationship between Height and Weight of Boys and Girls

Recently due to the media and the government the weight of children
has been discussed. It is believed that children are now becoming
obese and are now more overweight than children in the past. This had
led to public becoming worried about the health of the future
generation because there is currently an increase in the number of
coronary heart diseases, which are linked to obesity and lavish

Consequently, I have decided to investigate the state of children’s
health in today’s schools. In order to do this, I must explore whether
the height of children has increased, and whether it would result in
an increase in weight. However, it is necessary to explore the
differences between boys and girls to allow me to reach a beneficial
conclusion to this investigation.

My investigation will delve into the following areas.

· Who are taller, boys or girls?

· Is height a dependent variable for the weight?

· How much does weight vary with age?

My first hypothesis is that I believe that boys are taller than girls.
My justifi

I believe that boys are taller than girls

For me to prove this hypothesis right or wrong I have been given some
data, which originates from Mayfield Secondary School. I have decided
to choose this hypothesis because I am aware of the fact the data
cannot be skewed because the school is open to all students and
children are not selected on the basis of physical ability or

order to pursue this hypothesis I first removed irrelevant columns of
data so I could focus on the ones being discussed, while at the same
time keeping any that may be useful for further break-downs of the
data into age, gender, etc.

I then created a third sheet of data which combined the previously
separate data for KS3 and KS4 in order to produce one set of data for
the whole school that could be analysed as a whole.

In pursuance of my hypothesis, that boys are taller than girls, I then
divided this data by gender so that boys and girls could be analysed
separately, and their results compared.

I then sorted the two separate sets of data for boys and girls by
height, so that I could identify, and decide how best to deal with,
any rogue data at each end of the range. The following indiscrepancies
in the data were removed:















































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