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The Relationship Between Immigration And Poverty

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“In 2009, the U.S. admitted over 1.1 million legal immigrants, just 6.5 percent of whom possessed employment skills that in demand in the United States” (Report by Immigration Progress). American is a nesting ground for immigrants from all around the world. An important issue in the United States is the problem of illegal immigration. An illegal immigrant is someone who migrates to another country, and breaks the immigration laws of a destined nation. The United States has by far the most immigrants than any other country and this is a catalyst to many of the problem that America is facing today. Due to the increase in Immigration, there is an increase in poverty and economic downfall in the United States. Factors like education, job conflicts, welfare, and unemployment all play a vital role in proving the theory.

Most immigrants are not admitted to high paying jobs because they do not possess the education or skill level that are in demand in the labor force. Nearly 31 percent of foreign-born residents over the age of 25 are without a high school diploma, compared to just 10 percent of native-born citizens (Report by Greenhaven Press). This is considered an understatement because with the struggling economy in the United States and unemployment rates at a high, a bachelors or masters degree is a

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must for most high paying jobs.And in May 2010, the unemployment rate for high school dropouts reached 15 percent, compared to just 4.7 percent among those with at least a bachelor’s degree (Report by GP). This causes many immigrants to work minimum wage jobs which is not enough to support a family according to Forbes. But many journalists and students believe that the sole reason
why immigrants come to America is to work for those minimum wage jobs because of their lack of education and job skills. Although this may be true it does not explain the fact that some immigrants cannot pay for proper necessities for their kids or families which causes poverty and an increase in crime.

Another major conflict for immigrants is the struggle for jobs between them and the native-born population. One third of all immigrants live in families, in which the head of the household lacks a high school education (Report by Domestic Policy Studies). Immigrants simply cannot compete with a strong native-born population for jobs which are already at a few. Illegal immigrants also pose other problems because due to a series of new laws, the price for hiring an illegal immigrant is up to $2000 per illegal immigrant ( Report by LegalMatch). This makes companies hesitant to hire illegal aliens which eventually leaves the immigrants jobless. Though some argue that most native-born workers and immigrants tend to have different skill sets and therefore seek different types of jobs (American Progress). Although this is true it still doesn’t explain the increase in unemployment numbers for illegal immigrants. With a decrease in jobs and an increase in laws, illegal...

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