The Relationship Between Man And Woman

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It is clear to see that men and women are very different physically. This can be determined by weight, shape, size and anatomy. It is these physical differences that have advantageous functions for both persons as well as survival importance. However, the psychological differences tend to be less obvious, but are profoundly important as they show how men and women respond differently to a variety of situations and how men and women act differently in relationships between friends, between their children, and between each other.
To begin with, men have much more testosterone than women, which accounts for the aggression that they have when it comes to activities such as sports in which competition is involved. Whereas, women have much more estrogen than men, which accounts for the nurturing tendencies that they have when it comes to children or people who are in need. In addition, Men, on average, have twenty-five percent less corpus collossum in their brains, which means that they have the ability to think nothing. Their brains are only active when they are focused on something and so; they are unable to focus on more than one problem at a time. In contrast, women’s brains are always on the go as they are active twenty-four hours a day. Women are multi-taskers and can keep many things in their head at the same time and are able to solve problems amongst multiple activities. These characteristics go back to the cavemen days when the men were hunters and had to be focused and quiet in order to capture their prey. Women, on the other hand were the gatherers in the village and were always looking for something, either food or material to make clothes, etc. while watching over their children. This ability that women have to think about many things at once is due to triage, in which their brains are able to sort many things according to quality. Also, men and women deal with stress differently. Talking about a problem makes a woman’s cortisol―stress hormone―go down, thus she feels better afterwards. Talking about a problem with a man only increases his cortisol, which makes him feel worse and “shut down”. Finally, men and women bond differently. Men bond through thinking, silence and side-by-side activity, which is why they enjoy activities such as fishing where silence is necessary. Women, bond through conversation and face-to-face interaction. These differences in bonding are due to the fact that men are less talkative than women and are more task-oriented as well as isolated, while women are effective communicators as they talk through their issues, are more tuned in to emotion, and are sensitive to another person’s feelings.
Overall, the differences between men and women show that there is both identity and difference in the relationship between the sexes. The identity that is shown within these differences is that men and women are both equally human beings who have feelings and who experience these feelings daily within their interaction...

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