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The Relationship Between Organizational Management And Unions

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Management and Unions
The relationship between unions and organization is a touchy one. Dating back to the start of unionization in the 19th century, the two bodies have held opposing viewpoints. Unionization was formed from the opinion that organizations took advantage of workers and some form of a negotiating agreement was needed. There were documented events of workers working long taxing hours for insignificant pay; no healthcare coverage; dangerous working conditions; and gender and or racial discrimination. Companies believed that unionization caused less productivity which endangered profits. Companies also believed that unions interfere in daily processes, and limits the employer’s say over compensation and benefits. The ongoing struggle between the two played out in courts, picket lines and political elections.
Throughout the years and several pivotal points, many of the major battles between the two have faded and changed. For example, the formation of welfare capitalism by companies was a way of showing employees there was no need for unions. “Welfare capitalism was intended to demonstrate to their employees that unions were unnecessary, they established a wide variety of employee-benefit programs: elaborate profit-sharing plans, recreational facilities, dispensaries, cafeterias, and health and welfare systems of all kinds. Employee representation plans were also instituted, with workers thus being offered a voice on wages, hours, and conditions and the companies being thereby enabled to satisfy many grievances before they became major morale problems.” (Sloane, 2010)
This work for and against both sides, but evidentially, the two sides realize in order for any arrangement to work there is a need to except the differences. The truth of it all is there is a mutual set of sought after goals between both sides. The fluctuating economic, political and social climate of the workplace has pushed both unions and organizations to strategically approach negotiations. The earlier days of emotional disorder from either side has subsided. It is now understood a successful relationship between management and unions is a key factor in order to survive. “Major changes have affected the employment relationship and contributed to the lessening of overt anti-unionism.” (Sloane, 2010) I will address the role of unions and managements and identified strategic actions needed to develop a favorable, working relationship between both organizations.
The primary role of management is to lead, direct, and guide employees in the process of attaining organizational goals. Universal organizational goals are efficiencies, growth, and productivity. All of which involves the utilization of employees. Managers recognize the role employees play in attaining shared goals through a series of functions. “The functions, part of the overall organizational system include planning, designing, organizing, directing, monitoring and controlling.” (Weiss, 2011)...

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