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The Relationship Between Poverty And Attributional Complexity, The Different Levels Of Multidimensional Blame

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The relationship between Poverty and Attributional Complexity, the different levels of multidimensional blame
Leow Ban Theng
University of Wollongong

The relationship between Poverty and Attributional Complexity, the different levels of multidimensional blame
Lepianka, Van Oorschot, & Gelissen (2009) pointed out people have mixed beliefs and reason for their state of poverty, including poor upbringing, bad family relationships, lack of drive and ambition to succeed and the government. Attributional complexity has always been a complicated study for psychology due to the many variables considered to reach to a conclusion. People with low attributional complexity will focus more on ...view middle of the document...

Lepianka, Van Oorschot, & Gelissen (2009) also stated that one of the main causes for poverty was having too many children than the parents could afford to raise. Combined factors such as low-income and poor living standards, parents and children were at greater risk of having a high attributional complexity, blaming government and society for their state of poverty as they believed that it was out of their control (Church II, Jaggers, & Taylor, 2012).
There is no simple way to view an attributional complexity on poverty. Below are 2 main factors which alter the result of a study.
Cultural differences. Due to differences between Western and East Asian countries, their views on attributional complexity were different as well. Western countries would favour more on individualism factors due to their liberty cultural whereas East Asian countries focus on structural factors resulting from values of harmony and unity of a community. The influence of culture can greatly change a person’s attributional complexity about poverty. As a result, East Asian countries tend to have more negative responses than the Western countries, example like riots and protests. (Tetlock, Self, & Singh, 2010).
Social Bias. According to McFarland (2010), social conformity and dominance reduces an individual’s insight on other people’s situations. As a result, one would lean towards one extreme side between individual and structural factors. Individuals who were high in social dominance were more likely avoid the feeling of responsibility. Such as people would blame the government instead of oneself when conforming with other people who were experiencing the same situation. On the other hand, Horhota, & Blanchard–Fields (2006) stated that older adults have a high attributional complexity than younger adults. As older adults were...

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