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The Relationship Between Sciene And Ethics 12th Grade Honors English Class Essat

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Established Balance
The relationship between science and ethics is one that has been argued over for centuries in the earliest of societies. Science and ethics should hold a non-encroaching, complementary relationship where both can coexist with one another in society as mentioned by Stephan Jay Gould in his “Nonoverlapping Magesteria”. Science should not overstep boundaries of religion and ethics and vice versa. Not only is it possible but it is necessary in a society to have and established healthy relationship between science and ethics in order to allow a society to prosper and advance to its best ability. Ethics set boundaries, morals and establish right from wrong while science and technology allow a society to grow and develop. Neil Postman in his “Amusing ourselves to death” Warns of the potential dangers bestowed in science and technologies. Postman makes claims that the modern technology may turn to be the cause of our own destruction. Consequences of what happiness when ethics and science overstep boundaries into each other’s domains can be seen through Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein where Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with his quest for perfection and reanimating life through science and technology while ignoring all warnings.
Stephen Jay Gould was an American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist and historian of science born in New York 1941. Stephan Jay Gould in his “Nonoverlapping Magesteria” discusses the conflict between science and ethics, Gould explains the good and bad that’s stems from having a coexisting relationship between science and ethics. Gould establishes that ethics is to remain in its Magesteria and science in its own. Gould claims the two must obtain a non-encroaching relationship while still coexisting. “The net of science covers the imperial universe. What is made of fact and why does it work that way that the net of religion extends over questions of moral meaning and value. These two Magesterias do not overlap.”(Stephan Jay Gould Nonoverlapping Magesteria page 4 of 9) here it is conveyed by Gould that science and ethics both play rules in society as well as the importance of having both, but also establish that the two must not overlap into domains of one another, he explains that each is to remain within their own boundaries. Gould establishes that science should be used only to describe the way the world works and why it works that way science is reason and fact and should only be used as a method of establishing facts. And ethics are to be used as a means of establishing right from wrong good from bad. Gould understands that in order to have a well-functioning society there must be a balance between ethics and science. Gould establishes that there is a way to have faith and religion while obtaining the right balance of science and its discoveries. “The principles of nonoverlapping Magesteria in permitting Catholics to entertain the hypothesis of evolution for the human body so long as they accept the...

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