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The Relationship Between Self Reinforcement And Self Esteem (B.F. Skinner).

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According to B.F. Skinner, "reinforcement" is anything within the environment that strengthens a behavior. In this sense he defines both positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement and their affects on behavior. A positive reinforcer is one that increases the probability of a given behavior; whereas a negative reinforcer increases the probability that a preceding behavior will occur, i.e. avoiding loud noises. To this end, it is hypothesized that a person with high frequency of positive self-reinforcement is likely to have high self-esteem.MethodParticipantsForty participants were selected for this study and ranged in age from 16-55 years. There were 25 female participants and 14 male participants in the study. All participants were selected from a convenience sample of friends and family of students from California Lutheran University.MaterialsFor both, the "Frequency of Self-Reinforcement Questionnaire (FSRQ)" and the "Self-Esteem Questionnaire (ISE)," a piece of paper, pencil, and self-report surveys were administered to measure self-reinforcement and self-esteem in this study. The FSRQ consisted of 30 statements to which the participant responded on a 4-point scale from never descriptive of me to most of the time descriptive of me. The range of possible scores for this survey is 0 to 90. For the FSRQ, a high score indicates great frequency of self-reinforcement, however scores below 16 indicate serious deficits in self-reinforcement skills. The FSRQ has good parallel validity as demonstrated by correlations between FSRQ scores and self-monitoring of self-reinforcement and experimenter ratings of respondents' tendency to engage in self-reinforcement. The ISE consisted of 25 statements to which the participant responded on a 5-point scale from rarely or none of the time to most or all of the time. The range of possible scores for this survey is 0 to 100. For the ISE, higher scores give more evidence of the presence of problems with self-esteem; scores above 30 indicate the respondent has a clinically significant problem and scores below 30 indicate the respondent has no such problems. The validity of the ISE is questionable as it is solely dependant on the honesty of the participant.ProcedureEight experimenters distributed 40 surveys to family and friends volunteering as participants. Each experimenter presented the survey to the...

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