The Relationship Between Sleep Quality And Mothers With Postpartum Depression Compared To Mothers Without Ppd

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The study by Posmontier (2008) examines the relationship between sleep quality and mothers with postpartum depression (PPD) compared to mothers who do not have PPD. This research paper will review and critique various sections of the study.
Study Question
Postmontier (2008) clearly states two research questions along with what the researcher is looking to obtain from the data received. The first research question compares sleep quality between mothers with and without PPD. Posmontier (2008) is interested in four areas regarding sleep quality such as “waking up after sleep onset, sleep latency, sleep efficacy, and wake episodes” (p.729). The second research question is interested in learning more about how sleep quality affects PPD symptom severity. The population to be studied is post-partum mothers. Mothers must meet certain criteria consisting of: “6 to 26 weeks postpartum, ages 18-44, singleton birth either vaginally or surgically, English speaking, and access to a telephone (p.724). The intervention was not identified. The independent variable is postpartum mothers with and without depression. The dependent variable is sleep quality.
Research Design
Randomized clinical trials were not used since the subjects were not randomly placed into groups. They were put into groups depending on if they had postpartum depression or not. However, Posmontier (2008) did use subjects from three different clinics in the “northeastern part of the United States from 2004-2005” (p.724). The research method that was used was case-control study. The study consisted of two groups of women, one of which had post partum depression and one that did not. The women were then followed for one week with daily logs and wearing wrist actigraphy to document sleep patterns and quality. Case control studies are useful in gathering intensive information from a group of people to illustrate a phenomenon (Burns & Groove, 2009). The writer agrees with this research method and the need for continued research in this work. It would be beneficial for clinicians to discover ways to improve sleep quality for all postpartum mothers with and without depression to decrease the negative side effects of sleep deficiency.
Posmontier (2008) collected information from a “convenience sample of 46 women, 23 of the women had postpartum depression and 23 of the women did not have postpartum depression” (p. 724). The women were recruited from three clinics in the northeast by “posters and brochures in the office waiting room” (p. 724). Participants were allocated into either the intervention group or control group depending on if they had a diagnosis of postpartum depression or not. The control group was the mothers who did not have postpartum depression. Interested participants informed their clinicians and were then contacted by a primary investigator who then randomly chose mothers based on eligibility criteria. The primary investigator...

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