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The Relationship Between Student And Teacher

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The relationship between student and teacher refers to an ancient and deeply respected bond. Children spend the daylight hours engrossed in education lasting typically 9 months of the year. As members of a collegiate institution, we experience every aspect of the student-teacher relationship (STR). We understand the difference between a professor that captivates us, leaving the ticking clock behind and instead drawing us in until we stare into the subject matter with intense passion and one whose lifeless lectures cause our eyelids to fall. An STR with qualities of effective communication, unique teaching styles, respect and passion will establish a worthwhile relationship.
For the sake of clarification, it is necessary to examine the syllogism proving the grounds for STRs. First, it is agreed upon that happiness is inherently good. Further, the STR refers to a relationship of persons subject to mutual benefit. According to Princeton Wordnet, “benefit,” indicates something that promotes well-being. Based on the translation of the Aristotelian convention Eudemonia—commonly translated literally as “eu” meaning “well” and “daimon” meaning “divinity” or “spirit.”—it derives then that those relationships that promote “well-being” or what we will call happiness are intrinsically good. Consequently, relationships that produce happiness are of value.
Jean Baker explains why interpersonal relations promote the “well-being” of the classroom. In her article, "Teacher-Student Interaction in Urban at-risk Classrooms: Differential Behavior, Relationship Quality, and Student Satisfaction with School," published in The Elementary School Journal she examines the interaction between student and teacher in poor urban environments. The research finds that those “expressing more satisfaction with school experience more caring and supportive relationships with teachers” (Baker). Those who enjoy school the most are also those that form the closest relationships with their teachers. Additionally, she relays that often changing the learning environment rather than changing the student is more successful for aiding at-risk students. Thus, the use of an inquiry-based teaching method should be used as a tool for fostering low performing and behaviorally at risk students.
Children all have different visions of what they want to learn. There are those students who enjoy school simply as a social playground, while others will grasp...

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