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The Relationship Between The Environment And Humans As Shown By The Native Americans And The English Settlers

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The relationship held between the environment and humans is sacred and ever-changing. Both the Native Americans and the English settlers used the land to their advantage, but they had different goals in mind. The English Settlers were more interested in creating civilizations and killing animals so they could make a profit. Native Americans were more interested in using the land and the animals that they killed in an efficient manner. Native Americans were natural born warriors, they were not schooled and they suffered from a lack of farming abilities, but their capability to adapt to their surroundings was unmatched and gave them a greater appreciation for the land they lived on. The English settlers were more advanced than the Native Americans in farming techniques, but they struggled to adapt to the climate of North America given the fact they were new to the land. The Native Americans and English settlers were both dependent on the land, but they both had much to learn from the techniques of each other.
Native Americans lived much more naturally than the English settlers. In Memoirs of Timberlake the author tells of the ways that the Native Americans used rocks and trees and handmade hatchets to create items like hammers, canoes, and weapons. He also tells of the Native Americans creating their own cloaths from two sorts of clay, red and white. The Native Americans created their own weapons, hunted their own food, and had little to no crops to live off of. Their innate warrior abilities enabled them to become exceptional hunters allowing them to live off of the food for the time being and use the fur from the animals in the long run to make their clothes.. The Native Americans were successful because they were not willing to give up and they were extremely resourceful.
English Settlers to the new world were very technologically advanced for their time, but they quickly found out that they were in for a surprise when they got to North America. English settlers brought with them crops and tools to live off of the new land. English settlers brought with them potatoes, beans, and cabbages to eat and produce. They quickly realized that the climate in North America was like that of Europe. English settlers were able to build homes and building much easier than the Native Americans. With abundance of trees in the new land, English settlers used the saws that they brought with them...

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