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The Relationship Dance Essay

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Handsome, judgmental, wealthy, haughty—Fitzwilliam Darcy during the first half of Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice, exhibits the classic, snobbish English aristocrat qualities. Through the narrators voice and Darcy’s dialogue, readers detest Darcy’s character; indeed, the reader, who instantaneously sides with the narrator in his or her love for the main character Elizabeth Bennet, shares Lizzy’s cordial-less feelings towards Darcy after he calls her, “tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me” (9). Darcy’s negative first impressions of Elizabeth cause him to physically and emotionally act in an ungentlemanly sort of manner towards her. Although Darcy is offensive, extremely ...view middle of the document...

Darcy, afraid of feeling and being vulnerable, takes further measures to protect himself from her bewitchment. He resolves “to be particularly careful that no sign of admiration should now escape him, nothing that could elevate her with the hope of influencing his felicity” (41). Darcy’s fear of developing a further amount of these nameless feelings towards her causes him to “scarcely [speak] ten words to her [Lizzy] through the whole Saturday… he would not even look at her” (41). Darcy is selfishly concerned that his liking for Elizabeth will taint his reputation. Darcy’s fear and anxiety that he will succumb to his attachment, affection and attraction towards Elizabeth causes him to become even more class-conscience; hence, he physically ignored Elizabeth for an entire day. He has pushed himself into a deep, dark, logical, lonely corner where he must ignore the one he likes most. Smart.
After the turning point of the novel, Darcy’s letter, Darcy undergoes a complete emotional transformation that changes his physical behavior and words towards Elizabeth. At the beginning of his letter, Darcy writes in a formal language that allows him to keep Lizzy at a distance. His bitter tone can be seen when he writes, "Two offenses of a very different nature, and by no means of equal magnitudes you last night laid to my charge" (129). By using legalistic phrases such as "laid to my charge" Darcy is attempting to appear that he is as calm, cool, and collected as he is writing; moreover, Darcy through his offensive, cold language, in the past, has been able to keep people at a distance, which is what he is trying to do in the first paragraph of his letter to Lizzy. However, since this letter is written by a lover to his beloved, his fury cannot be controlled; consequently, Darcy's voice changes towards the middle of the letter. Darcy bluntly states to Lizzy that, "The situation of your mother's family, though objectionable, was nothing on comparison of that total want of propriety so frequently, so almost uniformly betrayed by herself, by your three younger sisters, and occasionally even by your father" (130-132). This statement would have been insulting to Lizzy if he had not followed it up with, "Pardon me. -- It pains me to offend you" (131). Darcy's feelings start to become transparent to himself and Lizzy; since, he shows Lizzy how much he values her and her opinion. At the end of his letter to Lizzy, the reader finds that Darcy understands and most importantly accepts that his feelings are love towards Lizzy. In his letter, Darcy admits, “I was not then master enough of myself to know what could or ought to be revealed” (134). By concluding the letter in this frank, Darcy has consented to being powerless and vulnerable; consequently, Darcy is able to...

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