The Relative Formula Mass Of An Unknown Acid

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The Relative Formula Mass of an Unknown Acid

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1.1 Aim of the
experiment 2

2 1.3 Equipments and
apparatus 2

1.4 Safety

2.1 Procedure 3

2.2 Apparatus





4.2 Comparison between experimental Mr with
value 8

of likeliest acid

The Relative Formula Mass of an Unknown Acid
1.1 Aim of the experiment

The aim of the experiment is to find the relative formula mass of an
unknown acid in an acid solution that I was provided.

1.2 Introduction

I was provided with a solution of a monobasic (monoprotic) acid.
Monoprotic acid is an acid that contains only one hydrogen atom. I was
to determine the molarity of the acid by titration with a sodium
hydroxide solution, and then use this molarity to calculate the
relative formula mass of the acid. An acid is a substance that
releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. There are two types of
acids called organic acids and mineral acids. Organic acids, such as
methanoic acid, citric acid or latic acid, are obtained from plant and
animal sources. From the other side, mineral acids (hydrochloric acid,
nitric acid or sulphuric acid) are made from minerals. They are much
more reactive with bases than organic acids.

1.3 Equipments and apparatus

1. burette

2. 25 cm3 pipette

3. pipette filler

4. stand and clamp

5. funnel

6. 500 cm3 beaker

7. 250 cm3 conical flask

8. phenolphthalein indicator

9. wash bottle/deionised water

10. 250 cm3 of the unknown acid solution

11. 250 cm3 of 0.100 M sodium hydroxide solution

12. A sheet of paper to record the results of the titration

13. A white tile

1.4 Safety precautions

You must be careful throughout preparing the solution and the
titration process. Some chemicals can pose a risk. In this case an
alkali (sodium hydroxide) is corrosive chemical. In...

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