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The Relevance Of The Liberal, Neo Orthodox, And Evangelical Views

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The relevance of the Liberal, Neo-orthodox, and Evangelical Views
In the 18th century to 19th century, there were many great influential leaders of Christianity that influenced many individuals belief systems. During this time period three great movements included the relevance of liberalism, Neo-orthodoxy, and Evangelical views. These views in particular had great influence over how individuals applied biblical scripture to their everyday life.
The Issues
The nature and authority of scripture in reference to the Liberals continued into influence Christianity into the contemporary world (Lane, 2006). According to Lane (2006), " Liberals are prepared to sacrifice many elements of traditional Christian orthodoxy in their search for contemporary relevance" (p. 237). Liberals wanted to surpass the old traditional rituals in order to gain more of a modern twist to religion and nature. Bingham (2002) claims, "Reason, culture, experience, and science would all be employed in challenge to the classical authority of revelation" (p. 150).
There is a great man that is associated with the liberal view. His name is Friedrich Schleiermacher. According to Bingham (2002), " The father of modern liberalism was the German theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768-1834)" (p. 150). Friedrich Schleiermacher believed ones feelings did not imply to ones consciousness of one happiness and or level of satisfaction nor was feeling related to any type of heart ache or physical pain (Bingham, p. 150). However, Friedrich believed that feelings were related to ones perception on how they are in a connection/relationship with Christ. Within this connection with God, one's self awareness will determine how much he or she depends on God (Bingham, 2002).
Friedrich Schleiermacher theological view was based on the idea to the subjects of religion and theology are two separate views ( Lane, 2006). According to Lane (2006), "Doctrines and dogmas are not religion; 'they are not necessary for religion itself, scarcely even for communicating religion" (P. 238). He argues that the subject of theology cannot be ignored when it comes to one taking the time to reflect upon the subject of religion (Lane, 2006).
The nature and authority of scripture in reference to the Neo-orthodoxy was created after the first World War (Lane, 2006). There was actually a negative affect against the views of Liberalism when people started to shift towards the belief system of orthodoxy (Lane, 2006). This view had much similarity to the Evangelical view, yet it was a new modern twist and now called the Neo-Orthodoxy (Lane, 2006). Generally speaking people did not want to go back to the old traditional views of orthodoxy (lane, 2006). Karl Barth was one of the great man that was behind the Neo-Orthodoxy. According to Lane (2006) Barth's theology claims, "It is the word of God, Gods revelation, that is the subject matter of theology" (p. 274). Barth also believes that Gods word and only Gods...

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