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The Relevancy And Application Of Typography Within Graphic Design

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Typography has played a major role in our history from scribes with handwritten texts to the invention of the printing press, to its use on our Personal Computers in word processors and design programs in our everyday lives (Ben Barrett-Forrest, 2013, n.p [online video]). Although many people will never understand the importance of typography, it forms a very big part of graphic design. Typography, from a graphic design perspective, will make or break a design, and is the deciding factor between a good design, and a bad design. Typography is used in many was in graphic design; information graphics, corporate identities, logos, web designs and many others, however the area I ...view middle of the document...

p [online]). Looking at the below propaganda posters, we can see how these steps have been used, and ignored.
Figure 1:

Nazi Propaganda Film Poster – The Eternal Jew – Designer Unknown. Film Director was Fritz Hippler [online image] available from (chelsrenstem , 2013, n.p [online]) accessed 18/04/2014
Figure 2:

US Army Propaganda Recruitment Poster – I want You Poster – Designed by James Montgomery Flagg. [online image] available from (national museum of American history, 2014, n.p [online]). Accessed 18/04/2014
Looking at these posters, they bear resemblance in composition, even though they are two wars apart. The German movie poster (figure 1) was released in 1940, during World War Two (chelsrenstem , 2013, n.p [online]) and the I want you Poster (figure 2) was designed among the 46 other posters Flagg made for the US government during the First World War (national museum of American history, 2014, n.p [online]). Giving that these posters are roughly 20+ years apart we can see that although the composition hasn’t changed much (the figure in the centre of the poster, with text on top and bottom) the shape and style of the typefaces used has changed drastically. In the I want You Poster (figure 2); the typography is more evened out between the vertical and horizontal lines of the letters. Where the typeface used here is more a Transitional typeface, the typeface used in the German Film Poster (figure 1) is a more Modern looking typeface because there is a drastic difference in the weights of the lines making up the letters. Below in figure 3, there is a still from the video The History of Typography - Animated Short by Ben Barrett-Forrest which shows the differences.
Figure 3

Ben Barrett-Forrest. (2013). The History of Typography - Animated Short. [Online Video]. 28 April 2013. Available from: [Accessed: 18 April 2014].
This change in typographic style shows how the world of design was evolving, and moving forward. Even across different continents. However, these were propaganda posters, which gave bias viewpoints and information about the issue discussed in the poster. However the posters did their jobs – The German Film poster (figure 1) got people to go watch the Propaganda Film, and the I Want You Poster (figure 2) got people to enlist in the army. So essentially these posters did their jobs. However, from a design point of view, although both posters are eye catching, the use of colour in Figure 1 is distracting, and unpleasing to the eye which from a design point of view makes the poster less effective.
Following on from these posters, we turn our attention to two men who are thought to be described as two of the first graphic designers whose main focus was poster design. Jules Chéret and Henri Toulouse Lautrec. Both these designers can be loosely placed under the Art Nouveau era, where the lithograph was a popular medium, since...

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