The Treatment Of Polish Immigrants In The Uk.

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The treatment of Polish immigrants in the UK.European Union has given a great chance for Polish people since 1 may 2004. The borders officially do not exist and in consequence citizens of Poland can travel among the countries without any problems or complications. However, immigrants should take into consideration that another country is obviously another culture. Statistics clearly shows - the United Kingdom has become a second homeland for about 1 million Polish people. Certainly, they search for a better life, which is inseparably connected with higher payments, albeit moving to the unknown territory involves, the cultural problems. They experience new culture and probably they try, to add some polish accents to their new lifestyles. On the other hand, this may cause discontentment for the British who don't care about another habits and manners. Salary means work and the other way around. Some British refuse to become employees for some positions. On the other hand Poles are not afraid of any job and they are seen as a hard-working nation. It is not a problem for us to take the work, even if it is considered as embarrassing for British people, because for us it is natural thing to start from scratch. Not many people know how our compatriot's life in the UK looks like therefore we want to disclose the truth about Poles in the United Kingdom.One of the branches of art very well describing the treatment of Poles beyond the sea is literature. To be more specify, there is a book created by an English writer Polly Courtney called "Poles Apart" based on true story. The main character, Marta Dabrowska has just graduated from the prestigious University of Warsaw. She moves to London with ambitious dream of finding a satisfying job in 10 days from the moment she arrives. But the realities seem to be not so kind for Marta. Furthermore, it turns out that her university education is worthless which results in problems of finding an occupation. Full of confusions and much more problems she realized that the life will not be so easy for her. Without any other ways, Marta stubbornly searches. Firstly she distributes the leaflets, and then she finds temporary paid work in her profession. Thus, Marta gratefully does her work, although it does not protect her from catty comments from the side of English employees. During the work, Polish woman meets authoress of the book - Polly Courtney. Polly supports the girl and what is more, she persuades the company to consider that they should start paying her in order that she should stay. Finally, Marta becomes permanently employed worker.The book is very outstanding, since it presents the view of Polish Immigrants in United Kingdom seen from the perspective of Englishman. As for the perspective it is not so friendly for us. British opinion about Poles is very stereotyped and created by media, which is not always sympathetic for us. Therefore, people from Poland are believed to simply steal the jobs destined for...

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