The Removal Of The English Test In China Ucla Essay

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Should the English test be removed from Gaokao?
What comes first if one of subjects is removed from a final examination? According to the Beijing News, Li Guangyu, a member of China’s National People’s Congress, suggested that the English test be removed from the gaokao (the Chinese College Entrance Examination) on 3rd April,2017. In one of his recent surveys, on average, a Chinese student spends 18.13%studying time learning English but the result is not so good, from which he summarizes that English tests lead to the heavy burden of students in China. To the students who get jobs that have nothing to do with English, it is just a waste of time. Does it really show China’s cultural confidence? The topic soon became a hit in China, especially among people related to the education system. So, should the English test be removed from the gaokao? I definitely disagree with the proposal. It is a bit hasty and unacceptable.
With the trend of globalization, English has become the most widely used language in the world. To a degree, English is a tool. Chinese people need to obtain global academic information through English, laying the foundation for pioneering research. At the same time, they also need to publish and exchange their own research when participating in a global academic seminar. Learning and mastering English is a requirement for the talents in the various walks of life. English is not only a tool. It brings more opportunities and possibilities. Different cultures have various thoughts and perspectives. The atmosphere of learning English is exerting a subtle influence on youth’s minds and character in China. The open and tolerant mentality makes Chinese people view the world in a more positive way. If the English test is removed from the gaokao, most of students will pay less...

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