"The Restoration Of King Fisher" (A Creative Story On How Two People Save Their King And Kingdom).

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In a land and a time that has ceased to exist in the minds of most men, there was a kingdom called Eternity (Eternity Plains was named in honor of this mythical land), ruled by King Fisher. The kingdom prospered, and everyone lived contently. Every family had three meals a day, and if a family were ever in need, there would always be another family who would help. One day King Fisher's wife, Queen Gwenivere, discovered her husband's dirty secret of his illicit rendezvous with other women, which prompted her to seek the aid of the black magic of nefarious Sorceress Fallen. The sorceress concocted a poison that when ingested nullifies all fives senses - sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Queen Gwenivere slipped the poison in to the king's wine during an evening meal...With the king severely handicapped, the kingdom slowly fell into moral and economical degeneration. The only thing the king could do each day was to go the easternmost part of his kingdom - apparently some impalpable force guided him - and face east. The king would remain there until noon and return to the castle after the zenith of the sun.The people wanted to return to the days of prosperity and eventually called their most trusted friend, Wizard Marlin, to help restore peace and prosperity. Wizard Marlin acquiesced to the people's call and went immediately to examine the king's condition. Upon completion of his diagnosis, the wizard announced to the people that the king required the healing powers of the Wondrous Light, a magical orb of light located deep in the heart of an icy cavern, Endless Depths, located at the top of the tallest mountain, Mount Clara. As the spirits of the people elevated, the wizard announced that only people of a pure heart and mind might enter the cave. After announcing the remedy, Wizard Marlin declared that he would not be able to complete this quest - for a reason never disclosed to the public - and someone other than he must do it. Two Teachers of the Youth, a brother and sister, walked forward and declared that they would embark on this journey for their king, for their people, for their kingdom. Franklin and Joan, the brother and sister, had just agreed to one of the most arduous and highest-staked journeys ever known to man.After gathering the necessary supplies and being blessed by Marlin and the other townspeople, the two began their mammoth quest. The journey to the cave was the easy part, which only required a week of hiking. Now began the difficult task - finding the Wondrous Light. Interestingly, Franklin and Joan were both able to enter the cavern. As they progressed into the cave the temperature dropped dramatically so that their heavy clothing could not even ward of the frigid grip of the frozen cavern, which forced Joan and Franklin to apply an ointment, Marlin's special "dragon's breath" ointment, over their skin. Instantaneously the two were impervious to the biting cold for twenty-four hours. As they neared the end of the tunnel,...

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