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The Representation Of Bogans In The Media

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'Bogan' is a term used in New Zealand and Australia to describe a subgroup, one distinguished by their low socio-economic status, lack of education, obnoxious loudness and crassness (often displayed in public places), less than savoury personal hygiene and questionable attire, and their particular affinity toward Holdens or similar vehicles, music of the heavy metal or rock persuasion, rampant sexual activity, football and other forms of sport, and alcohol consumption and/or drug use.iThis report will attempt to examine the portrayal of the bogan subgroup in the media, using three texts. These texts are; 'Perhaps there's a little bogan in everyone'ii, a newspaper article in the Sydney ...view middle of the document...

Despite the previously outlined inclination toward automobiles, it seems to be a characteristic of the common bogan that they are often found upon public transport. This particular stereotype may be due to the fact that a person who is not normally affiliated with bogan-kind is likely only to encounter them on trains, or buses. This example is made glaringly obvious by the setting of Freo- namely; a train. This is furthered by the motive of the characters David and Lisa- who, in an attempt to observe the behaviour and interaction of the common bogan, deliberately set out on the journey from Midland to Fremantle- knowing that it was highly likely that there would be boganic folk present on a train at midnight. This 'frequenting of public transport' stereotype is also shown in Trent- it states at the beginning of the video clip that they discovered Trent at Punchbowl Train Station in Victoria.Representation; Breaking The Mold.In Perhaps, the bogans being written about differ in the sense that they are not economically hindered. They are 'cashed up bogans'. Bogans with money. This seems to demolish the crux, the very core of what boganity is spawned from and depends upon. Logically, the main cause of the bogan subgroup is a lack of fiscal wealth. Bogans are looked down upon in society as they lack the vague, minuscule amount of class that is required to fit in within Australian society as an equal, not a member of the lower class. This lack of refinery stems from their lack of wealth. Without wealth, the common, or soon-to-be bogan cannot afford to live in one of the 'leafy-green' suburbs such as Nedlands or City Beach and instead must dwell in a suburb such as Midland (which the two 'bogan characters', Trev and the Tall Thug in Freo, ironically enough, hail from). In these areas there is less access to good public schools (which perhaps could be considered an oxymoron in itself), and the bogan family is surrounded by people in similar circumstances- a writhing mass of boganimous cohabitation.Due to the previous observations made, it seems strange to suggest that a wealthy person could be considered a bogan. However, because it is possible to do so, this tells us that the main classifying factor in relation to bogans, is the attitude. The crass, loud, 'in your face' attitude. An Australian can enjoy beer, 'footy' and Holdens whilst still retaining his or her composure. It is the loss of this rather limited composure that truly makes the bogan. This is discussed further in the article Perhaps.In Freo there are two characters who could be considered 'bogan'- Trev and the Tall Thug. Trev is more your stereotypical bogan, not indifferent to Trent in terms of manner. The Tall Thug, however, differs from the typical bogan image presented. He enjoys Vivaldi. He has been to Prague. He is intelligent and enjoys ruthless psychological control over people. He doesn't fit the image of the typical gormless bogan, whereas his companion Trev fits that description...

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