The Representation Of Homosexuals In The Media

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Representation of homosexuals in the mediaFor this essay I have chose the theme of the representation of homosexuality in the media. I have chosen this subject because I find it very interesting and there are many different examples of how this happens in the media.Will and Grace is an American television sitcom about a heterosexual woman who lives with a homosexual guy. They also have a friend called Jack ho is also gay. Jack is very extravert and feminine, however Will is very laid back and easy going. This is a highly humorous programme, for example, in one episode Jack says, "There are no straight guys, only guys who haven't met Jack." See fig1.In this programme there are many cultural codes like the connative meanings of colour, the colours that jack wears are bright and flamboyant which suggests that he is fun and happy. See fig2. Also Jack makes lots of hand gestures and uses other body language to convey the fact that he is a very bouncy, happy, gay person. His body language helps us to understand he is gay because his movements are very feminine. Jack is always very fashionably dressed and always talks about designer clothing like Dolche and Gabbana and Gouchi, just like a girl would this also adds to his steriotypical character of being gay.The narrative structure of this programme is very linear, it is from start to finish with no interruptions or flashbacks. This adds to the story line as it makes it easier to follow, instead of jumping about all over the place.Will and Grace advertise via television adverts which always show really humorous parts from the show, they also show the day, time and channel that its going to be on. These adverts are shown only on channels that are linked to E4 and Channel 4 because these are the only channels that are allowed to show the programme. This programme needs to be sponsored in order to be made, Will and Grace is sponsored by Blossom Hill which is a type of wine.Shawshank Redemption is a film that was originally derived from a book written by Stephen King. The film features Morgan Freeman as "Red the man who can get things" and Tim Robins as "Andy Dufresne". This is a very hard hitting drama about men who are in a prison called Shawshank for various different crimes, it was set in 1947 and prison life was very different to how it is now. These men had no rights and no one to go to when they had problems. Boggs "big bull queer" is a very mean, tough homosexual, this character has a group of friends and together they terrorise Andy, they rape and beat him up and often put him in the prison infirmary. The reason I have chosen this film is because these men are very different to the normal steriotypical gay male. See fig3.In this movie the technical codes play a big part in the representation of homosexuals, the front cover of the film shows Andy and Red, they both look very serious and the lighting seems to be pointing right at them because their whole faces are lighted up. Them cover has a caption...

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