The Representation Of Truth To "A Current Affairs" Through The Use Of Language Choice And Editing Techniques

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An episode of a current affair had debated on the 'rising petrol prices' and whether this was a result of the petrol companies or the governments. This topic was constantly debated on a current affair which I believe had leaned towards the more aggressive style of reporting. This segment of a current affair had tended to be emotional and intrusive when chasing a story or pursuing the person who wished to avoid camera. The person who had opposed the belief that the high rising petrol prices was a result of the governments poor decisions was edited to seem controversial, secretive and thus making the public believe him wrong. This segment of a current affairs is therefore a hard-hitting reporting style, giving the current affairs programs their poor reputation.The use of emotive and persuasive language through carefully delivered adjectives in this segment such as 'seriously' and 'grounded' are commonly expressed words in the show that convey the aggressive and sympathetic tone. The use of language techniques such as clichés, is what adds to the programs bad reputation. The program which aims to deliver for the average viewer around 6:30 p.m. and not for the more upper class, sophisticated viewers, who may easily spot the poor, news reporting style of a current affair.A current affair also uses everyday language with a high level of colloquialisms and slang to give the audience a sense that they are watching ordinary people like themselves. Words such as 'bloke' and 'idiot' are commonly expressed colloquial words which identify the viewer on the same grounds as the television host, attracting the average viewer to a great degree. Rather than portraying the truth, a current affair programs to create a bias...

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