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The Repugnant Conclusion Essay

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The Repugnant Conclusion, developed by Derek Parfit, is a theory that tackles population ethics and is based on this statement: "For any possible population of at least ten billion people, all with a very high quality of life, there must be some much larger imaginable population whose existence, if other things are equal, would be better even though its members have lives that are barely worth living". Parfit comes to this conclusion with the following graph.(see attachment)Figure a has x amount of people with a very high standard of living, figure a+ has double that amount of people, the first of which has a standard of living equal to that of fig. a, and a second group of people with a ...view middle of the document...

The Stanford Encyclopedia provides an argument against the Repugnant Conclusion under the following terms: the good of food and education outweighs just the good of food, even if the first good can serve a thousand people and the second a billion. This flatly defies the saying of "every life is worth living", yet this theory is true if the people in group z, have been exposed to the pleasures of group a.A child is born, along with millions of other children. This child is born into a middle class society, with a very good standard of life, but as he continues his life, the effects of global warming and increasing population mean that there is more of a demand for resources. This demand becomes so great that people are no longer allowed to use very much electricity, and people cannot drive cars. When this man was a boy, his family had no restrictions on anything, now everything that contributes to global warming is almost banned. It would be fair to say that this man's standard of living has fallen. Yet, he can still remember times when his life was better.This example, one which may occur in the future, shows that people can experience standards of living that are no longer available. As John Stuart Mill states, once man has been exposed to a higher standard of living, he cannot return to more simplistic ways. This means that adding more people to society that lower the standard of living is not just a mere addition. Parfit's Conclusion is based on the...

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