The History Of The Forest And The Temagami Debate

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Not bad, a little dry but what teacher cares? Exellent Essay! (Not a very creative guy)Table of ContentsIntroduction 2The History of the Forest 2The Forests of Canada 3Part One: The History of the Logger 5The Canadian Forestry Industry 5The Ontario Forestry Industry 7Part Two: Forest Conservation in Ontario 8Political Activity 8Temagami 9Part Three: The Temagami Debate 11The Forester 11The Environmentalist 12Part Four: The Law of the Land 13Civil Disobedience 13Government Legislation / Wildlands League Lawsuit 15Natural vs. Positive Law 16Conclusion 17Summation 17Future Outlook 18Bibliography and Suggested Reading 21Appendix. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22Introduction'Our understanding of the way the natural world works - and how our actions affect it - is often incomplete. This means that we [must] exercise caution, and special concern for natural values in the face of such uncertainty and respect the 'precautionary principal'.' - Ontario Minister of Natural Resources, 1991The History of the ForestForests have long been recognized as having vast power, both through their potential and how it has been viewed by humans, as well as through their effect on humans in sometimes subtle ways. The inherent properties of wood have always made it attractive as a versatile resource but there are other, more subtle ways in which it affects people. The tropical rainforests, responsible for producing most of the earth's breathable air, have been given the lofty title of 'lungs of the Earth,' and as stated by the Canadian Encyclopedia Plus '93, 'forests provide an additional, although intangible, benefit: the opportunity for renewal of the human spirit' (CAN ENCYC). Once humanity accepts these facts, we open ourselves up to profound responsibilities regarding their protection. Unfortunately for both ourselves and our environment, we have long deigned to shoulder these responsibilities, seeing only the obvious potential of the end product of wood; overall, humanity has always managed the forests very poorly, even before forest management became an issue.Since earliest civilized times, wood has been coveted as a resource for its ability to burn, as well as its pliable nature. With the discovery of fire, came hand in hand the need for fuel. Fortunately, trees have always been abundant in all reaches of the earth, which has made living in harsh climates easier, greatly increasing our already rapid rate of expansion. Eventually electricity replaced wood as a source of energy, but the uses for wood have expanded over time to include building material and paper, and to the present day trees remain important to industry on a global scale. Unfortunately, humans have always had a poor reputation in regards to their environment, the forests being no exceptions. We have always looked upon resources as something to be exploited - used to the fullest, then forgotten. Therefore...

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