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The History Of The Hudson Bay Company

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Fur trading started between the Europeans along with the Aboriginals when the most valuable beaver pelts was a substituted for metal and clothing goods such as iron knives and axis, copper kettles, blankets and trinkets. The beaver pelts were well desired by the Europeans for the reason that using this fur for headgear provided an elegant way to keep dry. However these pelts were for fashion, as men and women could be instantly noted within the social hierarchy by according to their beaver hats. It was so valuable that the sand on the floor was filtered to save every hair that has fallen off. For the Europeans, captivating advantages of the rich furs from the Indians in the New World was a major factor in generating handsome profits, and there is no other pelt exchanging business enterprise like the Hudson's Bay Company. It is the oldest venture of Canada and it inspired many by its domination in the fur trading industry during its early years. They equipped their own armies, minted its own coins and even issued its own medals. The company had controlled fully one-third of present-day Canadian territory and were thought by many as a kingdom by itself in the fur industry. They had trading posts from the very north Arctic Ocean to Hawaii and as far south as San Francisco. HBC's revenue didn't generate simply from this one way trade in furs to Europe; it also consists of large amounts of European goods to North America. These goods incorporated many other products that local people cannot construct such as gunpowder, bullets, weapons, tobacco, kettles, pots, beads, fishing hooks, needles, scissors, and so much more. The Hudson's Bay Company showed a great measure of success since its formation, but it didn't come without struggles and difficulties. Preventing the Company from smooth operations were obstacles like support, fatalities,

The origin of HBC was formed by two young men with great entrepreneurial minds. The background and knowledge of these men were essential for starting a successful venture in the fur trade business. While early explorers' attempts to discover the North West Passage around the Hudson Bay were unsuccessful, there was a rising recognition that the Hudson Bay region might expose to a greater reward. One of these adventurers that failed to locate the passage was Thomas James. During his research he had noted in his memoir The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captain Thomas James that the shores of Hudson Bay were "the home of many of the choicest fur-bearing animals in the world." This arousing message was delivered to New France and England by the HBC founders Pierre-Esprit Radisson and Medard Chouart, Sieur Des Groseilliers in 1666.

Coureur de bois travels numerous miles into the wilderness to obtain beaver furs from the native tribes. Radisson and his sister went to Trois-Rivieres when he was 16 years old. After the arrival he was captured by Iroquois. The Iroquois chief adopted Radisson since he...

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