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The History Of Video Game Consoles

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ames have been played before we began to record time. Almost 50 years ago, games changed into a new form. Magnavox Odyssey can be debated to be the first game console. Throughout 50 years ago and now, video games have become essential to every living room and a pastime to every young child. Companies have risen from this new industry, to produce games to young investors and dominate the game world. With new technology, graphics, and software: gaming franchises run mostly by public support. Each decade that passes, games are changed by America’s public these games change based on how the public perceives them.
The Magnavox Odyssey (created by Ralph Baer) has been debated to be the first video game and console. Atari, which came out 2 years after the Odyssey, Senger Emily states “ In the 1977 with the launch of Atari 2600 video game console. Atari dominated the home-market through the 70’s and 80’s.” Atari is the first big game company to emerge in U.S soil and dominated the game market. The Magnavox Odyssey sold with Magnavox tv’s and brought forth the idea that the game system only worked on their tv’s. With the arrival of Atari’s 2600 video game console they released Pong ,similar to Odyssey’s paddle and ball game, a new game that sold better than their rival, Odyssey. “Atari's position as the top video-game console brand dipped in the early '80s, when competitors flooded the market and quality across the industry waned leading to the video game crash of 1983”which Senger Emily claim to be Atari’s downfall. Due to their problems after the video game crash, “1992, Atari's share of the North American video-game market had shrunk to just 12%.”(Senger) Atari switched CEO to tramiel in 1989 , which never kept the company afloat. In 2000, French company Info-Grames Entertainment purchased Atari Corp, by then a division of Hasbro, changed its own name to Atari SA in 2008. The U.S. division of atari has filed for bankruptcy this year. With the reach of a new era, also comes down a legend.
Atari was the first major gaming company that started up in America but most top game companies started out in Japan. SEGA deprived of an anagram ,SEvice GAmes, began with firm roots planted in arcade games.. SEGA first home console was released only to Japan and New Zealand called SG-1000 in 1983. Five years later SEGA released an updated version of SEGA 1000. Renamed to SG-1000 II “is an updated version of the SG-1000 video game console, and was released by Sega in 1987.”(Main Page) Due to Nintendo coming out with Famicom, SG-1000 II got a stiff recognition and sold to a wider net of countries. The first SEGA console to hit america’s market would be their third in total, SEGA Master System or also called SEGA Master Drive. released as SEGA’s “best released console sold over 35.3 million consoles sold and over one thousand game titles released.” (Main Page)SEGA Master System was the apex on SEGA’s reputation and Seven years later, “.Depending on where you...

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