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The Need Of Changing In Organizations

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Organizations age, and grow seeking specific goals, while the organization constructs and reconstructs a number of these organizations develop negative habits, and processes adapting to changing circumstances. History and today’s society has recognized that change is necessary to meet the ever-changing needs of the individuals and the environment. Today changes are necessary to retain a competitive lead, or factors based on the economy. Change has never been an easy process as resistance is always present, with impediments existing at all levels from the organization as a whole down to individual staff members. The responsibility lies with the senior managers to recognize the source and build a plan to remedy the resistance before it hampers organizational growth (Akin, Dunford, & Palmer, 2006).
Resistance to change causes both organizational and individual

Organizational causes

Organizations as a whole can have resistance to change as individuals, and culture influence them. When organizations are looking at change, the important factor is recognizing that the individuals in the organization and the organization itself exist in a social setting. Changes that occur within the organization are based on the response to the culture or need of the environment in which the organization operates. Below are some causes for an organization to resist change:

Causes for organizational resistance to:
• Change affects parts of the decision-making process.
• Control- individuals having control characteristically do not want to let go of the control.
• Fear of the unknown- organizations due to the unknown may be afraid of change.
• Organizational goals not meeting the needed change or the goals require change in order to fit with the new system.
• Funding or membership may change.
• Members of the organizations feel change questions their values and beliefs.
• Organizations resist change as they like the familiar, that change is not required or change will make it worse.
• Organizations resist for the reason that new ways may not meet the organizational values or mission.
• Power- individuals having power characteristically do not want to let go of the power.

For organizational change to be effective, senior level managers must ensure to focus to overcome the resistance. The change leaders may look at evolutionary change slowly developing over time, making minute changes in the status quo without resistance reaching the desired state in a more natural development. In contrast, revolutionary change seeks an immediate shift to an end state with no concern for a slower advance. Organizations would us revolutionary change when the organizations have to respond to severe situations within an organization; however, “revolutionary change is disruptive and more likely to result in resistance” (“Resistance to change,” n.d.).

Employee Resistance
Managers find that resistance to change within the staff is easily identifiable, as the...

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