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The Needs Of Our Society's Neglected Kids Discussed In Fisher's Finding Fish: A Memoir

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In the book titled Finding fish: a memoir, the author addresses the need of our society’s neglected children to find love, safety and protection. Many children like Antwone are subjected to different types of abuse such as: physical, emotional and sexual. Foster care was an option for Antwone. Foster care is the placement for children outside the custody of their parents or legal guardians after court finding that the children have been abused or neglected. The court may also find the child to be a person in need of supervision or have committed delinquent acts. The foster care is a social service system with many component parts and complex interrelationships between those parts (Downs, Moore and McFadden, 2009, p.274).
Social agency and the court authorizing the placement, and caregivers are responsible for the continuing monitoring to ensure that the child in placement receives adequate care and supervision (Downs, Moore and McFadden, 2009, p.275). Services for children in foster care are a teamwork effort of the different parties involved (Downs, Moore and McFadden, 2009). Unfortunately in Antowne’s situation the agency and the court system failed him because although he was removed from his mother, the abuse and neglect continued. The systems involved did not provide the safety net Antwone needed.
Child abuse and neglect are “social” issues that were addressed by the author. While children are in foster care, they may become victims of maltreatment: child neglect, child emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The terms neglect refers to when parents fail to provide a child’s basic needs and provide satisfactory level of care (Downs, Moore and McFadden, 2009). An example of a child being neglected is when parents or caregivers do not provide essential necessities like shelters, clothing, food and medical care. Downs, Moore and McFadden define emotional abuse as “a repeated pattern of caregiver behavior that convey to children that they are worthless, flawed, unloved, unwanted, endangered, worthless, valued only value in meeting another need” (pg. 213). Physical abuse is the most common type of child maltreatment. Boys and girls are about equally likely to be physically abused. Physical abuse include: hitting, kicking, shaking, throwing, burning, stabbing or shocking the child (Downs, Moore and McFaden, 2009, pg. 211). Lastly, according to Downs, Moore and McFadden sexual abuse is an “act of a person, adult or child, which forces, coerces, or threatens a child to have any form of sexual contact or to engage in any type of sexual activity at the perpetrator’s direction” (2009,p214). The terms of “sexual abuse” encompasses a wide range of behaviors which are the follow: fondling, making a child touch an adult’s sexual organs and penetrating a child’s vagina or anus (Downs, Moore and McFaden, 2009, p.214). Among the abuses Antwone was subjected to, he was a victim of repeated sexual abuse. He did not receive adequate supervision and he...

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