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The Rescue by Nandit Gurtu
Will paced across the deck of the Wolfwind, wondering what to do next. It was early morning two days since he and his friend, Evanlyn, secretly the princess Cassandra, had been captured and taken to Skandia to be sold as slaves. Their captor, Erak Starfollower, had started to grow a liking for them, or so it had seemed. They were going to be taken to the capital of Skandia, Hallasholm, and from there no one knew. There was a possibility that they would never see each other again.
“What do you think, Will? Is there any way that we can escape this ship?” said the princess. She had been pondering the same question for many days on end. Of course, they both knew that they would probably be smashed by the waves before even getting off the boat, but there was a tiny chance that they could escape. But so far, they hadn’t found it.
“I… I can’t think of one. I’ve thought about it for days, but I can’t find the answer.” He tried to save a precious few seconds before the Skandians found them to think, but was unsuccessful.
“And what might we have here? Two slaves lying around with no jobs done?” It was Svengal, the first man on the ship. “I told you two before, haven’t I? Work first, lazing later!”
And at that, Will and Evanlyn got up and started doing their chores. Will didn’t find them so tiresome, now that they had been on the ship for so many days and had worked for hours on end. In fact, Will was fine with the chores as he was already used to doing them at home in the log cabin he lived in with his mentor, Halt. The memories were coming back to him: of a fire, melting the cold away in an instant.
Other memories also came to mind. The one standing out in his mind the most was the one of him and Evanlyn getting captured. They had burned a bridge to stop a psychopath, driven mad by his time in banishment, from taking over the kingdom. Thus, while they had saved the kingdom, they had been unable to save themselves. They had been captured by Erak and his men, and had been forced to sneak away from the battle and onto this blasted ship, on its journey to Skandia.
These memories all kept the cold and occasional sting of ocean water from deterring him from his duties. It was the hard work that he and Evanlyn did that kept them fed and watered. Or at least, that’s what he thought. The Skandians just kept them alive to get some money from selling them. They had to sleep in rags through the night, kept barely alive, and at death’s door. He looked in Evanlyn’s direction to see what chore she was doing, but his view was blocked by the Skandians pacing the deck.
“No, no, no, Erak! This will never do at all! The storms across the Stormwhite are quite reputable and deadly as you very well know. We can’t make a journey directly to Hallasholm, we’d get bashed before making it halfway!”
“Raskor, we must try or we’ll not make it until the Summer...

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