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The Analysis Of Security Sector Reforms In North And South Korea

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Security Sector Reform (SSR) is a concept that first emerged in the nineteen-nineties in Eastern Europe. Though there is no single globally accepted definition, SSR generally refers to a process to reform or rebuild a state's security sector. Basically the security is needed because countries in transitional position, post-conflict situations, and sometimes developed countries need protection from dictators, radicals, and dangerous criminals that would take advantage of the country. Established countries such as America, England, and France do not have to worry about needing extra security help as much as countries like Liberia, Turkey, Nigeria etcetera. The transition situations tend to need it the most due to civilians being angered and/or rebellious, for example North and South Korea.
I believe that the best way to reform the security sector within societies is to look to the super powers of the world. As you look at the history of the bigger countries and how they overcame certain obstacles countries with the same problems should learn from their mistakes. As the main library at the University states, “Those who are unaware of history are destined to repeat it.” George Santayana. For reference think of when Britain tried to force their army into the American Colonies to assure that things were being done to the kings pleasure. The same could be said for many countries that are trying to gain independence but are being heavily influenced by other countries surrounding them. To answer the question of how to integrate security reforms into societies is to ask for help and try not to repeat the past.
North Korea and South Korea are complete opposites but both need security reforms to make the country better. North Korea is known for its hostile political nature, controversial weapons programs, and secretive nature. Currently, the country is in a major conflict with South Korea due to issues from a past war, The Korean War. North Korea has struggled with their economy, such as food shortage due to lack a arable land, shortage of supplies, and drought. The nation is also involved in human rights abuse, this conflict interferes its receiving international aid. “There have been signs of minor economic reforms in North Korea, but without meaningful security guarantees from the United States, extensive reforms are unlikely.”-Jacky Park North Korea greatly contrasts to South America which has the third largest economy in Asia and is a leading exporter of electronic goods and cars. Despite South Korea’s thriving economy North Korea has played the bully and dominated South Korea’s military and foreign policy for more than sixty years. Both countries seemingly need outside security help, or a really big referee.
Due to lack of Security Sector Reforms in both South and North Korea there are disputes between the two countries that must be addressed. North Korea (or also known as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is like a baby with a lollipop...

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