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The Research Proposal Will Study Education, Age, Job Level, Gender, And Length Of Employment To Determine If Workforces Are Being Utilized Effectively With Regard To Education.

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IntroductionBackground and PurposeThe research proposal will study education, age, job level, gender, and length of employment to determine if workforces are being utilized effectively with regard to education. This research will help local schools evaluate how to best position their marketing objectives and advertisement. The research study will also prove or disprove the value of an education with regard to career level development for employees deciding whether to pursue higher education to enhance their careers.The data to be analyzed will come from the employment records of three companies in the Lynchburg and surrounding area. This will provide a cross section of three major industries in this area. Managers in the areas assisting in this data collection will receive a final report of this research proposal, which can support further research initiatives that may increase the effectiveness of workforce utilization in the respective companies. We expect full support and cooperation from managers with the data collection.The research will identify the connection, if any, between education and job levels within today's organizations. Historically, promotions made to management positions were based on seniority and job experience. This resulted in upper management positions being filled by uneducated employees. Today, companies are looking for college graduates to fill management positions bringing new blood and innovative ideas into the organization. Managers are interested in maintaining a workforce that is better educated. This study will give managers the opportunity to utilize all the talents found in the employee pool.If a trend is discovered, the data can be compared to national census data. If it appears that there is not a correlation between education level and job level, employers or employees would want to weight out the value of education. If there is indeed a correlation, then managers would need to evaluate the power of education versus experience in the workplace. During the evaluation managers must ask the question, is a four year degree equal to or worth more than 10 years experience?It is very important to define the business problem or opportunity carefully because it is the definition of the problem that determines both the purpose and design of the research (Zikmund, 2003). In a world of constantly changing technology, many companies are helping employees advance their careers by offering tuition aid reimbursement programs. This too is allowing companies to maintain a workforce that is better educated (Stamps, 1998).Problem StatementDoes a relationship exist between education level and job level of an individual within an organization?The problem being researched is if education actually has a direct impact on job levels in the work place. The research will show what factors are responsible for how employees are promoted or assigned to their positions of employment. Besides education, other variables that will have a...

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