The Resort At Schlitterbahn New Braunfels

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Come explore over seventy acres of shared family fun, thrilling adventure, and relaxation! Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, voted the World’s Best Waterpark for 16 years in a row and counting, is nestled along the beautiful banks of the Comal River and features world-famous attractions, epic river adventures, kid’s water playgrounds, and beautiful spots to relax and share a picnic – there is truly something for everyone!

Stay just steps away from the fun at The Resort at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels! Find the perfect River Bend Cabin, Treehaus Suite, Schlitterstein Studio Loft, vacation home or hotel room just steps away from all Schlitterbahn waterpark has to offer. Enjoy exclusive benefits ...view middle of the document...

The Henry’s wanted to replicate and honor New Braunfels’ German Heritage. Within this tower were four slides which were spring fed by the Comal River. The attractions in the Original Schlitterbahn still use this natural spring water which keeps things at 72º all year while the remainder of the park does use a chlorinated system. The park reclaims 96-98 percent of the water that it uses and utilizes a sophisticated purification system to ensure quality and safety standards are met.
Overtime the Henry’s added new features such as rides, slides, and buildings spanning their forty-acre resort, including a spring fed pool and inner-tube chute. In 1991 with a need for further expansion, they purchased an additional twenty-five acre plot called Camp Warnecke, which had previously been a separate resort along the river. This provided space for two new sections of Schlitterbahn called, Surfenburg and Blastenhoff, making the resort three separate waterparks. The Original Schlitterbahn and primary resort area are separated by several city blocks from what is known as Schlitterbahn East, which is made up from the two parks: Blastenhoff and Surfenburg. The 25-acre East added in 1991, includes the Surfenburg section with the Boogie Bahn body boarding ride and the world's first uphill water coasters. In 1996, the 4-acre Blastenhoff section opened next to Surfenburg with cutting-edge rides like the Torrent River and theMaster Blaster uphill water coaster. The resort provides non-stop free bus transportation back and forth between the two resort areas, making getting around the resort a carefree experience.
Schlitterbahn in all features more than 40 water rides and family friendly attractions in 6 areas. These include: 3 uphill water coasters, 9 tube chutes, 17 water slides, a family wave pool, 5 swimming pools, 5 hot tubs, 7 children's water playgrounds, plus water and sand volleyball courts.

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