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The Responder's And Composer's Concpet Of Change May Coincide, Discuss With Relation To Three Specific Texts

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"The composer's and the responder's concept of change in a particular issue may not always coincide- indeed they frequently seem not to." Do you agree? When considering such a proposition, it is vital to acknowledge the fact that both the composer and the responder bring their own experiences to the issues they are confronted with. Both parties draw upon past experiences and as a result both posses different concepts of change. However, whether a composer is successful in corresponding his or her concept of change in a text is solely dependent on the language of the text, including structures and forms. If the composer is able to accurately depict their concept of change through their text then the responder is able to identify this through the analysis of the text. Thus the composer's and the responder's concept of change in a particular issue may in fact coincide as the language of the text conveys to the responder the composer's concept of change, which can be appreciated by the responder. This idea can be noted in the construction and evaluation of Text 6 of the Change Booklet, entitled Humans in their Environment, the chapter on Antoine Lavoisier found in Melvyn Bragg's novel On Giants' Shoulders and finally the movie The Matrix.To purely observe Paul Livingston's text, Humans in Their Environment, the responder can notice the green background which may be representative of the environment. This observation orientates this piece as the responder is made aware by the composer that this text is concerning environmentalism.This text conveys the composer's concept of change. In this case, the change is in a number of forms such as in the natural environment, consciousness, and priorities and to bring about change in outcome of people's attitudes. The composer has used a variety of devices to convey the change which include tone, satire and absurdity of situation, cliches and irony. These literary devices have been used by the composer to enable the responder to understand the same concept of change as the composer.There is a change in tone in this passage from an apparent seriousness to grotesque humour. The heading itself Humans in Their Environment causes the responder to feel as though he or she is about to read a newspaper article. The first line criticising environmentalism is further evidence of this serious tone. However, by the third line, the word, "unfortunately" draws attention to a possible change in the form of a comical twist and finally by the last line of the first paragraph, "his screams unheard above the chainsaws" the responder has realised the exaggerated and grotesque tone that has developed through the juxtaposing of "chainsaws" and "screams." Here, the composer has used the tool of satire to convey the change in the natural environment.The composer has used irony in order to display to the responder the change in consciousness of people. The irony can be found in the fact that the protestor ends up a part of the capitalist...

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