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The Responsibilities Of Haveing Children. This Covers (Although In Not Much Detail) Almost All The Aspects One Should Look At Before Having Children And While Pregnant.

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Becoming a parent is a very serious matter, and if you cannot live with any child who is less than perfect, well, then, maybe you want to give some thought to the commitment one makes in choosing to become a parent. If you can't accept a baby born with developmental problems, what will you do if your child develops problems later in life? What will you do if your child is autistic or develops juvenile diabetes or leukemia or is disabled in an accident? If your children don't disappoint you before you are born, you can generally bet that they will at some time disappoint you after they are born. It takes tremendous maturity and responsibility to accept that in choosing to become a parent, you are offering to satisfy humanity's drive to propagate the species, and that your role as a parent is to serve the child, not the other way around.Still, raising a child with developmental problems is a great deal of responsibility to take, and I'm sure there are babies who are better often being "terminated" than being born into a family that cannot love them because of their perceived shortcomings. If this is your situation, please at least have the decency not to say that you are doing genetic screening for the baby's sake.Actually, I have to disagree that prenatal screening confers no benefit to the baby. Research indicates that parents who know in advance that their baby may have problems are better prepared and thus better able to be the best possible parents to these babies. "Women who have delivered a child with a chromosomal aneuploidy, such as trisomy 21, are more satisfied with the outcome of their pregnancy when they learn of their child's diagnosis before delivery."Screening for Down's syndrome based on maternal age and routine ultrasound testing is considerably more effective than assumed, according to a report in the March 4th issue of the British Medical Journal.The results call into question the widespread use of serum screening for Down's syndrome, according to the study's lead author. "If you asked most obstetricians about the evidence for serum screening, I am sure that they would tell you that the case for its use was unassailable," the study's lead author, Dr. David T. Howe, of the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton, England, told Reuters Health. "In fact, there has never been a controlled study of its effectiveness anywhere in the world."Triple ScreenI believe that ACOG recently replaced their "bulletin" about MSAFP with a triple screen bulletin. I feel that the cost differential is very worthwhile. But, what is a cost differential? Often these are artificial. In Iowa the state program is automatically the triple screen for about $70 which is less than many companies charge for afp alone. I think the same is true for the large California program where the cost of testing of abnormals (amnio, sono) is factored in. The differential in average detection will be 25% of Downs for AFP alone to about 60% for the triple screen.NOT TRUE!!!It...

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