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The Responsibility Of A Catholic Citizen In A Free Society

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The Responsibility of a Catholic Citizen in a Free Society

     Before we start to talk about our responsibilities we should be grateful that we are able to practice our own faith and we can stand up for our religion and speak up about it. We are here to be an example for the rest of the people out there who do not know any better and are falling in there lives. It is our responsibility to help them. We also have responsibilities of our own - respecting authority of both the church and government, evangelizing or spreading the word, donating time and money to church and those in need, tolerance and many more.
     We are surrounded by challenges like abortions, poverty, and violence which all destroy the lives of people that were put here by God and were not able to live because of our choices. It is our responsibility to help and support people who fall into these categories. We should now defend human life and dignity, to make people practice justice and peace, and maintain family life and moral values.
     Abortion is a major issue today in our world. Thousands of people out there do it today. Our teachings call us to protect human life and here we are killing it just because we don’t want it. Violence also is sort of the same thing. We are hurting another human just because we don’t like them or are mad at something else and we take our anger out on them. We need to set an example for the people that are doing it so they start to realize that this isn’t what everyone is doing and that it isn’t smart or cool to do it. We need to speak up for these issues and try to stop them. Those are some of our responsibilities.      
     We also need to help the ones who are in need and the poverty that goes on now days. It is unfair to those who are in need and we are greedy. We need to share our wealth with others. Also we need to stop the racism that goes on. We are all from different varieties of races. Ranging from every ethnic background to living in urban, rural, and suburban communities. Some people have lower status jobs than others. Wherever...

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