The Responsibility To Protect: The Changing Definition Of Human Rights And The Ability To Protect Global Citizens

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Liz PecanANTH 01211/3/2013Essay 2Section 404Colonization and Industrialization:The overall effect on GlobalizationThroughout history, various powers have expanded and exerted control onto what they deem to be lesser civilizations. As the world continues to change and grow, the impact of past formative processes continues to be seen in the current globalized world. There is a growing literature for the last few decades on globalization and on its origins, structures, actors, facilities, politics, economy, benefits and risks. Globalization often refers to the borrowing, melding, and adaptation of outside influences into new lands. The origins of globalization, and therefore its current status, are residual effects of the most powerful constituents that began connecting the world on a large scale. Colonization and industrialization, two intertwined processes that are historically related, are the primary processes that began expanding the connected nature of the current world. They serve as vectors for the introduction of new characteristics, albeit both of these processes work in different ways that contribute to globalization. The impact, and therefore significance, of the processes of both colonization and industrialization as connected to globalization can be seen through the historical lens of society. [1: Yale University, "The History of Globalization," The History Of Globalization.][2: Ibid. ]Colonization, or the act of creating a colony in (or on) a place, is one of the earliest processes that utilizes the spread of a various characteristics associated with globalization. The colonization process involves the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of colonies in one territory by another territory, and often results in an unequal relationship between these two actors. Colonization by a dominant power of a subordinate society allowed the colonizer to project its own pervasive identifiers onto the subject. Throughout the period of greatest colonial expansion, predominantly utilized by Western powers from the mid 16th century to the early 20th century, the mother countries of colonies created strong mercantilist policies designed to strengthen the home economy at the expense of rival economies. The propensity towards colonial expansion was not a result of an absolute requirement of internal accumulation, but rather the result of sharpened competition between the new oligopolies. Colonizers imposed their own viewpoints and practices in a targeted manner on colonies, while restricting opposing policies, essentially creating a manufactured form of globalization within the designated colony-mother nation sector only. The successes and failures of this form of colonization has furthermore had complex effects on the colonies, including accumulation, over-exploitation, and in some cases, retarding the development of specific sectors. These negative effects of colonization were not completely absent in the subsequent...

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