The Responsible Company, By Yvon Chouinard And Vincent Stanle

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Responsibility is a word used improperly too often in one’s everyday life. It is the state, to which one is acting accountably for something within his or her own power, control, and/or management. It is the ability to comprehend rational thoughts and make decisions within one’s moral compass. Beginning at a young age, we are taught the importance of responsibility on a daily basis. Whether it be on the basis of taking responsibility for foolish past actions, or behaving responsibly to develop one’s aptitude of dependability when tasks must be accomplished, the action of being responsible ultimately leads to adding meaning and value to one’s life. After reading The Responsible Company, by Yvon Chouinard and Vincent Stanley, one can begin to comprehend the true meaning behind utilizing corporate social responsibility (CSR) during business practices. Chouinard speaks about the moments in his career, where a company is encouraged and cultivated passed its ordinary human excellence to become more responsible when dealing with the many diverse environmental issues within the business cycle. Although there are many concepts and moments that Chouinard establishes as important, there are a few moments that seemed to have a deeper meaning and deserved another moment of reminiscence because it increased peoples’ sense of responsibility and capability to act responsibly.
Typically in the business cycle, companies have a tendency to become the most concerned with the sales sector of their industry. These companies look passed the environmental detriment of society for the chance at obtaining an additional dollar. “When money becomes a measure—as well as the means—of all things, the potential for economic and political mischief grows” (Chouinard & Stanley, 2012). However, due to recent outbursts from the media, companies have decided to invest more of their time into the outcomes of their marketing decision beyond their sales sector. Chouinard mentions the detriment of unnecessary product proliferation (i.e. overusing dyes, and including excessive options) during some businesses’ marketing practices. Due to the abundance of products made in correlation to product proliferation, a combative program called the Common Thread Initiative was born. Although it was seemingly successful in the opening years, Patagonia realized that the initiative program that invited customers to return worn-out Patagonia products for recycling was putting the company is a backward moving motion halfway through the five year period. Chouinard exclaimed, “No one should have to recycle what should never have been made…if you want to reduce the environmental and social harm you do, the injunction to reduce comes first. Don’t make what won’t be useful or won’t last” (Chouinard & Stanley, 2012). The very livelihood of product proliferation makes it extremely difficult to manage. Complexity is spawned by an ever-changing landscape of the product development stages, as stated in class with...

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