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The Restoration Essay

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Judah was not the only nation that had been taken captive to Babylon, others escaped to Egypt and parts unknown. However God was not finished with the tribe of Judah. In the Old Testament He had revealed through the prophets how He would reconstruct the nation of Israel after the desolation of the land. Towards the end of the Old Testament period it reveals how God
reestablished His nation.
In 586 B.C., King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had overthrown Judah, and the land was in ruins, and the people were in exile. Very little is known about the lives of the Jews after the fall of Jerusalem in 586.B.C. To console the people, Jeremiah writes to the captives telling them to go on with their ...view middle of the document...

All of this caused general hopelessness. Under those circumstances, after rebuilding the altar in 537 (Ezra 3:1 - 7) and preparing the foundation of the temple in 536 (Ezra 3:8 -13), resistance and hopelessness caused work to come to a halt for over fifteen years (Ezra4:1 - 5).
Just northeast of Judah, Cyrus had had forged ahead extending the Persian Empire until his death in 530B.C. He was followed by his son, Cambyses II (530–522), and Gaumata (522 – 486B.C.), before Darius came to the throne. After receiving complaints from the enemies of the Jews He searched the official archives, discovering the decree of Cyrus. Darius ordered the resistance against the Jews to discontinue in order that they may have the ability to complete the task of building the temple (Ezra 5:1 – 6:12). It was near the beginning of his reign that the prophets Haggai and Zechariah arose in Judah to bring God’s Word to the people.
After an ample amount of work, the temple was eventually finished in 516 B.C. In Persia, Darius’ lengthy reign was followed by Xerxes (486–465) and then Artaxerxes I in 465. During his reign Ezra led a second group of returnees to Judah in 458 and to teach and seek the...

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