The Effect Of Ancient Medieval Achievements On Modern Society

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How has the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome had an affect on our modern day society? The arts, music and dance, and words etc. from the ancient worlds have had a great impact on our modern day society. Without the culture of the Ancient Worlds I think that our culture would have been a whole lot different... for the worse. Our words are mostly from Greek, our art is off of Greek and Roman ideas, and our music comes from Greek and Roman folk.The achievements of Ancient Greece and Rome are not few; they are countless! The ancient developments made many creations that without, our world would be a less active and great place. One achievement that the Romans created was Roman Numerals (I,II,IV,V,VI,X). Without this can you think how much harder it would be if you were doing a long article to be writing all the digits rather than just using roman numerals. Another important creation that was made by Romans are Fayyum portraits, they were paintings of people using the encaustic technique, a method that uses pigment contained in a medium of hot wax. Romans are also noted for there great metal engraving techniques. Greek Artists are well known for their creation of mimesis: the imitation of life or nature in the techniques or subject matter of art. This is a guiding principle to artists today. Another Greek achievement is making the lyras, which were string instruments that look just like violins. They also made the Tsaboauna and the Gaida, wind instruments that look like a modern day instrument. Those are merely some of the countless achievements of Ancient Rome and Greece.Ancient Rome and Greece are a very influential culture. As a matter of fact, they had a huge impact on our modern-day society. The principle mimesis, which was established by Ancient Greece artists, is very beneficial in our society. A lot of present day artists use mimesis to make a living. Roman numerals made our society a better place. For example a lot of encyclopedias use roman numerals to sort out there articles...

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