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The Effect Of Carbohydrates On Fatigue, And The Effect Of High And Low Glycemic Index Of Food

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Introduction:The purpose of this particular study is to examine the effect of low, medium and high carbohydrate diets with low and high glycemic index ratings on the fatigue. Carbohydrate is considered as an important source of energy or fuel for the body. Apart from carbohydrates there are other essential nutrients necessary for the functiong of the body. However from the point of view of atheletes in competitive sports, individuals performing regular work out sessions both of high intensity and high endurance types, prolonged and short duration types, the kind of carbohydrate ingested , the kind of glycemic index of the meals and the time (before, after or during the activity) of consuming them is extremely important to ensure maximum perforance and for minimizing fatigue time.The general assumption is that foods rich in carbohydrate provide greater amount of fuel to the body. High carbohydrate food enable greater storage of glycogen in the skeletal muscle, which can be called upon as a energy souce when the glucose level in the blood falls. If the glycogen in the skeletal muascle is not utilized within a soecific time period it becomes conveted into fat. The glycemic index of the food is equally important. Generally foods with high glycemic index cause a dramatic incerase in the blood glucose level and then a dramatic depletion after that. Food with low glycemic index lead to gardual rise and fall of the level of blood glucose. As a result of this the energy produced by low glycemic index foods lasts longer. Depending upon the duration and kind of exercise or sports(low intensity or high intensity, high endurance or low endurance), individual requirement high, low or medium carbohydrate foods with high or low glycemic index can be chossen.Review of Literature:Carbohydrates have a significant role to play in making energy available for the proper functioning of the central nervous system, working up the muscles, averting the burnout of protein and facilitating the fat metabolism to operate properly. Carbohydrate is considered as the most favoured fuel or energy source both for various biological functioning as well as for muscle contraction. When carbohydrate is consumed it is reduced or broken down to less complex and smaller sugar units like fructose, glucose, and lactose. The simple sugar units are absorbed by the small intestine and released to the blood stream before travelling to the liver. The liver then makes glucose out of fructose and lactose. The carbohydrate in the form of glucose is then conveyed to the various organs and tissues and utilized as fuel or energy. When the body doesn't require glucose for fuelling it is stored up as glycogen in the skeletal muscle and the liver. When the body is saturated with stored glycogen then it is converted to fat. When the body needs energy but enough of glucose is not available in the blood stream, especially during strenuous activities or exercises the glycogen is burned to release energy....

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