The Reaction Of Colin Powell's Speech At Howard University

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The Reaction of Colin Powell's Speech at Howard University
General Colin Powell did the Commencement speech at Howard University on May 25, 1994. He did the speech after a cloud of controversy had happen at the university. A racist Black Muslim made a speech at Howard University. Howard policy is that anybody can express his or her freedom of speech on there campus. As you can figure out, the white community did not think of that very well. Connie Chung did a report saying that Howard University was a racist institution. All of this pressure was coming down at once. Howard said that they did not agree with the Black Muslims beliefs but will let them speak and express their opinions.
Colin Powell is a man of high power. In the Vietnam War, he was an advisor to all of the top generals there. He was also an advisor to the Secretary of Defense. The final position he held was that of the Joint Chief-and-Staff. Colin Powell was the only black man in U.S. history to hold down such a high position.
Colin Powell speech was what you call a classic. Basically, he came from nowhere to rescue the honor of Howard University. He speech began with him calling the Black Muslim speaker ignorant. I think that opening statement set the tone of the whole speech. He let people know from the start that he wasn't about to put Howard into anymore trouble. The other part of the speech of the speech was telling the Howard graduates to go out in the word and get good jobs. This part of the speech was on the ordinary note. All people will go through this part of the speech. In my speech, I had that informational part also. You need to inform people on what is going on. If you don't have the informational part of the speech then you need the good luck part of the speech. The good luck part of the speech is telling the people in the audience how you wish them good luck in anything they do in the future.
Colin Powell had some funny parts in his speech to keep the audience awoke. He made jokes on mostly everything he said. A joke was made about every five minutes. The joke he made was when he said that he wouldn't go to long. All of the graduates of Howard just laughed. I think jokes are an essential part of your speech. If you don't have jokes than your speech will always be on the boring side. I think a joke should be made about two to three minutes of every speech that you make to the public. President Clinton's State of the Union even have...

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