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The Effect Of Education On Texas

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So many times you hear an adolescent say, “I have to drop out of high school to help pay the bills.” The sad part about this is that most adolescence never return to complete their education with a GED or go on to a secondary school. Per Politics Today, Weatherford College’s Texas Government book, Texas ranked 41st of 50 in the United State of high school graduates. As of 2005 U.S. Census data, Texas was rated 45th of 50 in high school graduates. These students, which end up not completing a high school degree or secondary school, do not understand that their education has an effect on Texas socially, economically, and politically.
Tax revenues are the start of how resident’s, of Texas, education has an effect. With an increase number of less-educated laborers the reduced the average income of Texans becomes. This means that residents begin working at minimum wage paying jobs like McDonalds, Sonic, and Chicken Express because they do not have the education nor work skills to be hired at a job that pays more than minimum wage. Nor do these places of employment expect to pay more for an employee who cannot benefit their company. Empirical studies show that low education levels are associated with lower income levels; therefore, failure to complete high school or college negatively impacts average earnings.
According to the Texas State Data Center, by 2040 approximately 30.1% of the labor force will not have a high school diploma. That would be an 18.8% increase from 2000. If this predicted percentage occurs, a higher share of Texas’ workforce would be less educated and low skilled, making Texas’ economy less competitive. But why should we care about being less competitive? Because being competitive allows our state to maintain low housing prices, low costs for living, trade, and more. Texas is not recognized for being a helpful model for economic growth, but we have had a large increase in people and jobs.
When the economic downturn occurred in 2001, Texas was hit harder than other states in the nation and still gained an additional 1.26 million residents. Although people moving to Texas from other states slowed during the downturn, the state’s high birthrate and a strong pace immigration kept the population growing at a healthy rate. The birthrate and immigration rate show no signs of stopping, for Texas is one of the most popular gateways for immigrants in to the United States. Texas’ overall public school enrollment is estimated to rapidly increase in the coming years due to the increase immigration and birthrate. This rapid increase would cause an increase in the financial funding needed for public schools. Rising education costs coupled with slow growth in tax revenues would adversely impact Texas’ financial state.
In 1984-1985 state budgets through 2000-2001 increased real public safety and corrections spending by 258%, but only increased...

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