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Although it is widely known that the earth experiences cyclical climate change, there has been much evidence that human activities are negatively affecting the environment, and hence, the finite resources of the earth. Many people have become preoccupied with how the activities of developing nations, as well as those of developed nations, continue to pose a threat to our planet and its finite resource base. This in turn affects human wellbeing, as exploitative and polluting activities will in another manner negatively affect humankind globally, but especially the less developed nations. Therefore it is imperative that economic development and sustainable development cooperate together in order to allow for human development with environmental sustainability to continue far into the future.
How do we advocate for sustainable development while still keeping in mind the needs of the impoverished people in developing nations and not hindering economic development? The seventh Millennium Development Goal (MDG) regards economic and human development in developing countries while taking into consideration the limitations that developing countries have due to their poverty levels. MDG 7 is focused on environmental issues and how to best address them in order to help both the impoverished people and the entire earth itself. The four main targets of MDG 7 are 1) to engrain sustainable development in government policies and reduce the loss of environmental resources, 2) reduce the rate of loss in biodiversity, 3) increase sustainable access to potable water and sanitation in rural and urban areas, and lastly 4) improve life in urban slums . MDG 7 aims to ensure environmental sustainability in order to have sustainable economic development. Even though countries can be restricted by their financial abilities in how they deal with the environment, it is necessary to provide them with assistance in creating strategies on how to develop in the most sustainable manner. Environmentally exploitative and polluting activities need to be curbed so that the earth can replenish itself at a ????? rate and so finite resources aren’t polluted, ridden with diseases, or exhausted.
The notion of sustainable development came about in 1987 during the Brundland Commission . Sustainable development as defined by the Brundtland Report is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This definition implies that the world is interconnected though space and time . The connection through space refers to that actions affecting one part of the world can have a negative effect on the opposite side of the world because the environment is not static. For example the air pollution is metropolises like Mexico City will not stay contained there and will make its way to other areas. The connection through time refers to implications that current actions will have on the future. For example the excessive...

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