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The Result Of Fear Essay

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“Social control is best managed by fear” (Michael Crichton). According to Michael Chrichton fear is used to control people’s actions. Fear is one of the biggest impacts on human behavior therefore it can result into taking over someone’s life by constantly worrying and living in distress or even guiding oneself in a deathly situation. This is where The Chrysalids by John Wyndham begins to link in. The people of Waknuk, David and his group of telepaths, Sophie and blasphemies in general are in constant fear of dangerous events that can occur. Fear has the ability to make anyone’s life stressful that can result to a drastic change in behavior and decisions, which explains why the people of ...view middle of the document...

” (Wyndham, 73). The quote links to constant enforcement of conformity because it describes how extreme the punishments are for the deviants and how badly treated they are by society because of the rules and reputation the deviants have. Fear does take a huge roll not only for the deviants but for the norms as well, as the whole point to banish deviants is to keep the norms (themselves) safe even thought they are harmless. Even Petra David’s younger sister is confused when she says, “Why should they be afraid of us? We aren’t hurting them she broke in .I’m not sure that I know why. I told her. But they are it’s a feel-thing not a think-thing. In addition, the more stupid they are, the more like everyone else they think everyone ought to be. And once they get afraid they become cruel and want to hurt people that are different.” (Wyndham). The quotation links to enforcement of conformity because it reveals why the rules are made in the first place. The rules are made to protect the society and that is why they are taken very seriously. Overall, there are reasoning on both sides the deviants and the norms that battle each other in many ways but the one thing in common is everything is done by fear.

Besides enforcement on conformity, secretive behavior does relate to fear. Secretive behavior is constantly occurring in the Waknuk society due to the law of deviants must be killed or kicked out of their lands because of the father of deviations is the devil. There are many examples of secretive behavior that occur in the book from the event where Sophie Wender was hiding her extra toe to the point where David and his group of telepaths run away from Waknuk to find the city in David’s dreams. Even David and Sophie’s mother state, “Because she has six toes? I asked. Yes. That is why nobody but us must ever know. It must be a secret between us, she repeated, driving home. You will promise, David? I will promise. I can swear if you would like, I offered. The promise is enough, she told me. (Wyndham, 13). The quotation links to secretive behavior because its proof that it’s very important for David to not tell anyone and to keep Sophie’s secret from being revealed to the police. David and his group of telepaths are technically deviants according to the law of Waknuk although it is complicated because the norms cannot physically see anything wrong with their body which scares the people of Waknuk because you can’t identify who are the norms and who aren’t. Even David explains, “If we were to survive we must keep our true selves hidden; to walk, talk and live indistinguishably...

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